Happy International Sunglasses Day!

FG Contacts Feel Good Team
Monday, 27 June 2016 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

It’s International Sunglasses Day today! And here at Feel Good Contact Lenses, we’ve been celebrating the eyewear models that keep our eyes safe from the sun, and keep us looking cool.

How did sunglasses come about?

A number of make-shift solutions were used in ancient times as a counter-measure to the danger of direct sunlight. Whether it was the walrus ivory glasses used by the pre-historic Inuits to reduce exposure, or the smoke-coloured panes made of quartz that were primarily worn by 14th Century Chinese judges to hide any reveal of emotion, people seemed to be developing an understanding of the need for protective eyewear.

However, it wasn’t until the early 20th Century that sunglasses were introduced to a mass audience. It was the New Jersey-based entrepreneur Sam Foster, in 1929, who began to market celluloid-made sunglasses on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. 

In the years since Sam, one of the pioneers of modern sunglasses, introduced us to this stylish eyewear, the industry has grown and grown in popularity. Designs have become more contemporary, brands have emerged as industry-leaders and the glasses themselves have developed a huge celebrity following.

international sunglasses day

Why sunglasses help us

While we all want to (and think we do) look like the latest rock star or Hollywood heartthrob with our shades, it is important to remember that they do us a valuable service in protecting our eyes from the dangers that unfiltered UV light can pose. Fortunately for us, and our egos, designers have long-since caught on to the demand for practical and secure, yet undeniably stylish, pairs of sunglasses.

At Feel Good Contact Lenses, we take pride in taking care of your eyes, and in making you look and Feel Good while we do it!