How to get a lost or stuck contact lens out your eye

How to get a lost or stuck contact lens out your eye

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Getting a contact stuck in your eye isn’t very common, but can be uncomfortable and irritating when it happens. Here are some quick and easy solutions for releasing a troublesome lens.

It is normal when you first start wearing contacts to have a little bit of trouble inserting and removing them. You can read our guide to removing and inserting contact lenses here. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to do it smoothly with no trouble. Here are some common questions regarding getting a lens stuck in your eye and how to deal with it.

Why is my contact lens stuck in my eye? 

If you have slept in your lenses or aren’t taking good care of them, the contacts are prone to drying out, leaving the lens stuck to your eyeball.  If you fall asleep in your lenses, do not try and pull it out right away. Drink a bit of water, rehydrate yourself and let your eye gain a bit of moisture. This will make removing them a lot easier.

On the other hand, if your eyes are watering heavily, that can also make getting lenses out slightly difficult. Gently wipe your tears away, then, as always, before removing your lenses wash your hands thoroughly. Ensure your fingers are completely dry and this will help pulling the lens out of your eye a little easier.


How do I remove a lens that’s stuck in my eye? 

The first rule about how to remove a contact lens that’s stuck in your eye is not to panic; trying to pry the lens out may cause more discomfort. Wash your hands before attempting to remove the lens, to avoid getting any bacteria from your hands going in your eye and causing an infection. 


Can my contact lens get lost in my eye? 

The most common misconceptions about contact lenses are that they can get stuck behind your eye. This is not physically possible; your eyelid is structured to prevent any objects from going to the back of your eye. 

If you think the contact lens is lost in your eye, it’s probably hiding under your upper eyelid. Simply pull it back slightly to have look and use contact lens solution to flush it out.  

We advise you to see a doctor or an eye specialist if you are still unable to retrieve your lens after trying the steps above. 

Top tips to prevent contacts getting lost or stuck in your eye

  • Unless it is an extended wear lens, never sleep in your contact lenses - this can limit the oxygen flow to your cornea and dry out your eyes. In addition, you also risk infection.
  • Always clean your lenses before putting them in and taking them out. Follow a good contact lens cleaning routine if your wear monthlies or two weekly’s.
  • Use fresh contact lens solution to prevent the spread of bacteria.



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