Acuvue Advance Contact Lenses

Acuvue Advance

Unfortunately Acuvue Advance contact lenses are now a discontinued product by Johnson and Johnson vision care. Below is all the information you'll need on this product as well a suitable replacement for it.

Is Acuvue Advance discontinued?

Acuvue Advance contact lenses have been discontinued by manufacturer Johnson & Johnson and for this reason we no longer stock this product. Fortunately, they have been upgraded and replaced by Acuvue Oasys, designed to provide an even higher level of comfort.

The Acuvue brand also offer an extensive range of daily disposables, including:

What are Acuvue Advance contact lenses?

Acuvue Advance weekly lenses offer the freedom to wear them as two weekly disposable contact lenses or extended wear lenses.

Developed by eye care specialists Johnson & Johnson, the quality Acuvue Advance range is made from state-of-the-art silicone hydrogel material. These lenses allow five times more oxygen to reach the eye than standard hydrogel lenses. The high level of moisture in these contacts make them comfortable to wear all day long. These lenses are ideal for those who suffer from dry eyes.

Incredibly breathable, Acuvue Advance gives contact lens wearers exceptional comfort and high performance. This is mainly thanks to the Hydraclear technology, keeping your eyes fresh from morning till night.

How long can I wear Acuvue Advance for?

How long you can wear Acuvue Advance contact lenses will depend on advice from your optician and the sensitivity of your eyes. Typically, people can wear these lenses for 16 hours. You may be able to wear them for a longer or a shorter time than this.

These two weekly contact lenses can be worn daily provided they are cleaned and stored properly. The wearing times will vary from person to person, but typically these lenses can be worn for 14 hours. Everyone's eyes are different. You may be able to wear these lenses for less or more time than this, depending on the sensitivity of your eyes. 

Acuvue Advance contact lenses can be worn every day for two weeks before they must be thrown away. The lenses must be removed to be cleaned at the end of each day and stored in solution overnight. A simple cleaning routine at night will help preserve your eye health.

What's the difference between Acuvue Oasys and advance?

Acuvue Advance is 47% water, keeping eyes hydrated during wear. These lenses are also UV blocking, this UV protection shields your eyes from the damaging effects of harsh sunlight. Hydraclear technology helps to make these contacts retain moisture for a more comfortable and hydrated lens wearing experience.

Acuvue Oasys came along after the success of Acuvue Advance. The contact lenses are similar but there are some differences. Acuvue Oasys has Hydraclear Plus technology and 38% water content. The water content is lower than Acuvue Advance, but this doesn't compromise the comfort. These lenses are comfortable due to their increased breathability which allows people to wear them for longer.

How to take care of my Acuvue Advance contact lenses

You’ll need to remove your lenses after a full day’s wear. Then, they must be cleaned and stored in an effective contact lens solution overnight. Why not try our comfi All-in-One Solution for everything you need in one bottle? This multi purpose solution will ensure total hygiene and excellent visual clarity for the full two weeks.

Acuvue toric lenses

Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism is still available in limited prescriptions, as this product has also been discontinued. A good alternative to this is Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism.

If you’re in need of toric contact lenses, you can try Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism. These offer the same comfort and quality as Acuvue Advance whilst also catering to your astigmatism. These lenses have been made with an exclusive Accelerated Stabilisation Design for clear and uninterrupted vision. This updated version features Hydraclear technology to keep your contacts incredibly moist throughout the day. These lenses would be ideal if you have astigmatism and also suffer from dry eye.

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You can also visit our Eye Care Hub for more information on Acuvue lenses. This is also a good resource of information for eye care and eye diseases.

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