Clariti Contact Lenses

What are Clariti contact lenses?

With impressive options available for daily and monthly wearers, Clariti contact lenses are one of manufacturer CooperVision’s signature brands. They utilise a silicone hydrogel design and water-retaining technology to ensure that the lenses stay moist and comfortable to wear and that eyes stay fresh and healthy.

What types of Clariti contact lenses are there?

Clariti is a quality monthly contact lens, designed with AquaGen technology that retains moisture on the lens surface. This means that your eyes will stay hydrated and feeling comfortable all day long. This lens has since been upgraded to Clariti Elite, a monthly wear contact lens offering all the benefits of Clariti with the addition of Advanced Edge Technology that increases the thinness of the lens and enhances the comfort you’ll enjoy.

We also stock a daily disposable contact lens option in Clariti 1 Day, designed as a comfortable silicone hydrogel lens that retains its moisture via WetLoc Technology.