Prescription coloured contact lenses

What are prescription coloured contact lenses?

Prescription coloured contact lenses offer both visual correction for myopia (short-sightedness) and hyperopia (long-sightedness), while changing or enhancing your eye colour.

Create a subtle or bold look with prescription coloured contacts. You have the benefit of changing your eye colour with a corrective prescription to suit both medical and cosmetic purposes. Luckily, at Feel Food Contacts we have them available in both prescription and plano form.

Which types of prescription coloured contact lenses are there?

Prescription coloured contact lenses can be worn for a daily eye colour change, your next night out or as fancy dress to suit your cosmetic needs.

At Feel Good Contacts we stock a wide range of prescription coloured contact lenses in daily and monthly wear. Giving you the chance to wear them everyday or occasionally, as and when you need.

Our enhancement lenses are designed to offer a natural look and opaque range of coloured contacts are designed to change the eye colour completely, both suitable for light and dark eye colours. We have a wide selection of colours to choose from including blue, brown, green, grey, hazel, violet and a definition range.

How to buy prescription coloured contact lenses

If you’re trying new lenses, you should always refer to a valid contact lens prescription and speak with your optician. Your optician will be able to confirm which lenses are most suitable for you. Unfortunately, we do not stock trial lenses and may need to request a trial pair from your optician.

Choosing a contact lens colour that will suit you will depend on many factors, including your hair colour and skin tone. Usually for lighter coloured eyes, coloured lenses can instantly be changed, while for darker coloured eyes opaque coloured lenses work better.

Prescription coloured contact lenses for lighter eyes

Complement your appearance with our extensive range of prescription coloured contact lenses for lighter eyes at

Generally, darker shades against lighter eyes immediately transform and change the colour of the eye. This can be achieved with our bestselling Freshlook Colorblends and Air Optix Color. They are designed to offer a natural colour transition and blend to your eyes, offering a touch of allure and mystery.

For a natural looking enhancement, the 1 Day Acuvue Define – Natural Sparkle is designed to make your eyes look larger with a subtle change. While, 1 Day Acuvue Define – Natural Shimmer proves a more intense definition, using a darker ring around the iris.

For daily lenses, Freshlook One Day is the perfect choice for those after softer shades and flexible contact lens wear.

Alternatively, if you’re after an opaque or one tone colour change Freshlook Colors, Expressions Colors, SofLens Natural Colors prove to be the best lenses for a strong, vibrant effect. While, Freshlook Dimensions are a perfect choice to enhance your light eyes.

Our prescription coloured contact lenses for lighter eyes are all available in a zero prescription, ideal for anyone specifically after a cosmetic change in eye colour.

Prescription coloured contact lenses for darker eyes

Enjoy a wide range of prescription coloured contact lenses for darker eyes at Feel Good Contacts.

For a natural-looking change, Freshlook Colorblends offers a 3-in-1 colour blend to create a natural colour transition, while also changing the colour of your eyes for a completely natural appearance.

Air Optix Color is ideal for silicone hydrogel wearers, who are after a natural colour enhancement as well as premium comfort. These come in 12 different colour options with the choice of a subtle and noticeable colour change.

For increased definition, FreshLook Illuminate creates naturally bigger and brighter looking eyes. They are designed to define the edges of your iris and deepen your natural eye colour.

Lighter shades work to add a touch of vibrancy and bold look against darker coloured eyes. So, if you are looking to change the colour of your eyes Freshlook Colors, Expressions Colors and SofLens Natural Colors achieves exactly that, with a range of vibrant colours.

If your wearing contact lenses purely for cosmetic use, you’ll be happy to know you can find the same prescription coloured contact lenses for darker eyes available in zero power.

Prescription Halloween contacts

Transform your look this Halloween with colour contact lenses.

When it comes to Halloween, we understand you’re after quick and cheap coloured lenses to complete your look. While you can obtain prescription Halloween contacts easily online and in store, we recommend buying quality lenses safely from a reputable manufacturer. Not all lens materials will be suitable inset into your eye and it is safer to purchase contact lenses from an established brand. Thankfully, at we stock the best quality prescription Halloween contacts from the most reputable contact lens manufacturers, including Alcon & Ciba Vision, Johnson & Johnson and Bausch & Lomb.

On top of that, for any last-minute costume change or if you are in a rush for your Halloween contacts? Our delivery takes just 2-3 working days and we even offer a next day service.

If you decide to wear the lenses as a one off, you won’t have to worry as we stock daily disposable colour lenses, such as Freshlook One Day. These daily coloured contacts give you the freedom and convenience to dispose of them after a full day’s wear. Alternatively, if you wish to wear them a few times we stock monthly disposable colour lenses including Freshlook Colorblends and Air Optix Color for a more natural look. The work to offer a soft colour transition with a 3-in-1 blend technology. While, Freshlook Colors, Freshlook Dimensions, Expressions Single and SofLens Natural Colors offer a more vibrant look.

Should you have any queries on wearing make-up with contact lenses, we suggest having a quick read through our helpful guide for any questions you may have.

All our prescription coloured contacts range are available in plano (0.00 prescription) should you require them just for cosmetic purposes.