Extended Wear Contact Lenses

What are extended wear contact lenses?

Extended wear contact lenses are thinner than daily disposable lenses and are made of silicone hydrogel. This allows more oxygen to reach the cornea and move in and out of the eye. As a result, this decreases the risk of hypoxia that makes the cornea more susceptible to inflammation and infection. For this reason, they can be worn continuously day and night for up to one week without being taken out.

Extended wear contact lenses are the perfect option for those who want an easier cleaning and wearing routine, as they do not need to be cleaned and stored every day. 

If you’re used to late nights and early mornings with a frequently changing schedule, then extended wear contact lenses make life that little bit easier as you won’t have to remember to take them out every night and put them back in every morning. 

Why should I choose extended wear contact lenses?

Convenience – simply apply your lenses at the beginning of your wearing schedule, then there’s no need to worry about them until the time comes, typically in one week (or a month with the specially designed Air Optix Night & Day), to take them out. Perfect if you’re a night owl and/or an early bird. 

Comfort – because of the nature of the extended wear contact lenses, which are more porous than daily disposables, oxygen is able to reach the eye and circulate more easily. This promotes breathability and ensures that your eyes feel fresh throughout use.

Cost – we Price Match all of our products to make sure you get the best price for your extended wear contact lenses. So, we’re confident of saying you won’t find your choice of lenses cheaper anywhere else in Ireland. 

Which brands stock extended wear contact lenses?

We stock a wide variety including Acuvue OasysBiofinity and Air Optix Night & Day Aqua. Our extended wear contacts cater to those with both myopia (short-sightedness) and hyperopia (long-sightedness). There are also options for those with astigmatism and those who require multifocal lenses.

Are extended wear contact lenses safe?

Before you try them, make sure to ask your optician if extended wear lenses are a suitable option for you. This is because there are a number of different factors that determine if extended wear lenses are compatible with your eyes.

It’s vital that you don’t wear your extended wear contact lenses for any longer than is recommended by each manufacturer. You must also make sure to pay extra attention to your eye health while you wear them. If you notice any redness, irritation or consistent dryness, you should remove your lenses right away. Eye drops, and wetting agents may help relieve symptoms of dry eye, but if they persist, it could be a sign that extended wear lenses are not suited for you.