Eye Accessories

It doesn’t always take eye drops and gels to look after your eyes properly. We know that different treatments are more appealing to some people than others, and that’s why we stock a wide selection of eye care accessories to help you take care of your eyes.

Our range of eye masks provides everything you need to fight off the symptoms of dry eye, allergies and other eye conditions. The Thera-Pearl Eye Mask and The Eye Doctor, in particular, are highly effective dry eye treatments, designed to relieve discomfort and irritation.

Hay fever or allergy sufferers can rely on the The Ice Doctor for effective immediate relief from inflamed eyes and itchiness.

We also stock very affordably-priced contact lens cases, as well as Blink Refreshing Hydrating Eye Mist – a spray that offers fast relief from dry eye, and one that can conveniently be used on-the-go, whether you have your lenses in or not.