ReNu Contact Lens Solutions

The ReNu range of contact lens solutions by Bausch & Lomb is responsible for the bringing us the world’s first multi-purpose solution. Even today, ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution is one of the best-selling options for contact lens cleaners around the world.

Highly adept at removing all dirt and bacteria from your lenses, ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution ensures your lenses are hygienic and safe to wear. On top of that, the formula of this all-in-one solution allows them to rinse and store your lenses as well as clean and disinfect. The solution is suitable to use with all soft contacts, including lenses made from silicone hydrogel.

You’ll find ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution available in three pack sizes at a 1 bottle supply, a triple pack and a convenient travel pack.

The ReNu range of contact lens solutions also includes ReNu Multi-Plus Solution, an advanced solution that’s been specially designed for use with silicone hydrogel lenses.