ReNu Contact Lens Solutions

What are ReNu contact lens solution?

The ReNu range of contact lens solutions by Bausch & Lomb is responsible for the bringing us the world’s first multi-purpose solution. Even today, ReNu solutions are some of the best-selling options around the world. 

Why choose ReNu contact lens solution?

Highly adept at removing all dirt and bacteria from your lenses, ReNu contact lens solution is proven to fight germs and ensure your lenses are hygienic and safe to wear. The gentle formula allows even those with the most sensitive of eyes to clean, disinfect, rinse and store their lenses. These impressive solutions are suitable to use with all soft contacts, including lenses made from a silicone hydrogel material.

We aim to provide the best prices for your solution with our Price Match Guarantee and even offer free delivery on all orders over €55.

Which ReNu contact lens solutions are there?


ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution is specifically formulated to work as gently as your natural tears to clean, rinse and disinfect your contact lenses. At Feel Good Contacts, you’ll find ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution is available in three different pack sizes. So, whether you’re off on holiday or after an even a larger supply, we stock a convenient Travel Pack size and Triple Pack to cater for your needs.


The ReNu range also includes ReNu Multi-Plus Solution, an advanced solution that’s been specially designed for comfort and to make you feel as though you’re wearing a fresh pair of contacts every day. For added convenience, the solution is also available in a Triple Pack to help you maintain a simple cleaning routine for up to three months.

How to use ReNu contact lens solution

For use, simply fill the provided contact lens case with your choice of ReNu solution and place your lenses inside. We recommend using fresh solution to rinse your case after ever use, and replacing the case entirely every three months. If you’d like to keep any additional lens cases at hand, why not choose our Feel Good Contact Lens Case?

Need help?

Should you have any questions regarding any ReNu contact lens solution or any other eye care products, simply contact our friendly and helpful customer service team. You can give us a call on 01514 3614 or email us at