Weekly Contact Lenses

What are two weekly contact lenses?

Slightly lesser known than daily disposables and monthlies, two weekly (or bi-weekly) lenses offer a great deal of flexibility.

Much like monthlies, we recommend that two weekly lenses be cleaned and stored in fresh solution every day, however, it’s also possible for them to be worn for an extended amount for time. We highly recommend speaking to your optometrist first so you can make the most informed decision. Extended wear technology allows a sufficient amount of oxygen into your eye that allows them to breathe and retain moisture even while you are sleeping, but levels of comfort differ between wearers.

Which two weekly contact lenses can I wear?

If you wear daily or monthly contact lenses you’re probably already familiar with the brand Acuvue, who also produce two weekly lenses.

Acuvue offer a range of two weekly disposable lenses that includes products such as Acuvue Advance and Acuvue Oasys. These have both been created with cutting edge silicone hydrogel, in order to allow more oxygen to pass through to the eye than with lenses made from any other material. This results in a higher level of moisture for the eye, which maintains eye health for longer. There are also toric two weekly lenses for contact lens wearers who have astigmatism.

Why should I buy two weekly contact lenses online from Feel Good Contacts?

A number of different supply options can be acquired from us to fulfil your exact needs. Contact lenses can be ordered in a three-months supply (6 lenses per eye), a six-month supply (12 lenses per eye) or a whole year’s supply (24 lenses per eye).

In addition, our Auto-Replenish service can also be opted for, which means that we’ll automatically deliver your next order as soon as it is due. This means that you won’t run out of contacts, and won’t have to lift a finger to get them sent to you.