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Artelac Rebalance Product Description

Artelac Rebalance eye drops are formulated to provide exceptional relief from recurring irritated, burning and dry eyes. Created by eye care specialists Bausch and Lomb, these drops are designed for daytime use and they can be used whether you have your contact lenses in or not.

The unique formula helps restore and replenish persistently dry feeling eyes, even for contact lens wearers. These eye drops contain Sodium Hyaluronate to mimic your natural tears, to retain moisture and rehydrate your eyes.

With Artelac Rebalance dry eyes will be a thing of the past as they are designed to protect your eyes from any irritable or painful symptoms for up to 24 hours. Unlike other eye drops, they work to strengthen your tear film and provide uninterrupted, clear vision.

Artelac Rebalance eye drops are available in a convenient 10ml bottle, to keep with you on the go, whether you’re at the office or on the train. Enjoy our wide range of eye care products at for healthy, hydrated eyes.

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Product Details & Advice
  • Designed for people with chronic tear dysfunction
  • Offers powerful hydration and long-lasting relief for dry eyes
  • Same pH as natural tears
  • Contains mineral nutrients, Hyaluronic Acid and a gentle preservative
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