Barrel Contact Lens Case 3 Pack

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Barrel Contact Lens Case 3 Pack
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Barrel Contact Lens Case 3 Pack Product Description

The Barrel Contact Lens Case 3 Pack offers great value for those who require a safe and efficient way of storing and disinfecting contact lenses overnight. These cases can be taken with you on the go and are suitable for use with all types of contact lenses. As with all contact lens cases, they need replacing every month which is why the Barrel Contact Lens Case 3 Pack is a great investment to providing optimal hygiene.

Simply fill the cases up with fresh contact lens solution to clean and disinfect your contact lenses.

These cases are sturdy and have been designed to protect your lenses from damage. They are made from durable materials so that should you accidentally drop them, they will not break. The purple lid makes it easy to spot these cases so that they won’t get lost easily. The design also allows for an all-over deep clean, making storing and disinfecting lenses easy and efficient. You can be sure that every area of your contact lenses will be free from grease and dirt when stored in these lens cases with solution.

Make sure you clean your contact lens case after every use by rinsing them with fresh solution to make sure no old solution remains.

These Barrel Contact Lens Cases are suitable to use with all multi-purpose solutions. Make sure you rub and rinse your lenses before putting them in one of these cases for storage.

Please note that these Barrel Contact Lens Cases are not suitable for use with solutions containing hydrogen peroxide.
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Product Details & Advice
  • 3 x cases for storing and cleaning contact lenses
  • Protects lenses from dirt when not in use
  • Durable design keeps lenses safe from damage
  • Lightweight nature of contact lens cases makes it easily portable, providing ultimate convenience
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