How to clean a contact lens case

Where can I store my contact lenses?

If you’re a monthly or two weekly contact lens wearer, using contact lens cases should be second nature to you by now. After taking your lenses out at the end of the day, you can always rest easy knowing they’re being kept safe in your contact lens case.

How do I clean my contact lens case?

But these handy tools also need to be looked after to make sure they stay safe and hygienic for storing your contact lenses. If you don’t clean your contact lens case properly after every use, you could be putting your contact lenses and eyes at risk from eye infections and irritation.

So, we’ve outlined a few steps for you to make sure you’re cleaning your contact lens cases properly:

  1. Empty the contact lens case and make sure there’s no leftover contact lens solution remaining
  2. Scrub the inside of the case using a clean cloth or your finger (make sure your hands are thoroughly washed and dried)
  3. Rinse out the case and lid with fresh multi-purpose solution
  4. Set your contact lens case face down on a clean tissue or cloth and allow to dry naturally

How often should I clean my contact lens case?

You should clean your contact lens case with fresh solution after every use, and should replace your contact lens case with a new one every three months. Fortunately, most packs of multi-purpose contact lens solution come with accompanying contact lens cases, allowing you to switch every three months at no extra cost.

Can I clean my contact lens case with water?

You should avoid cleaning your contact lens case with water at all costs, as even the most purified water can still contain bacteria that can be harmful to your eye. Find out more about the dangers of contact lenses and water here.

The only way to achieve a hygienic and safe clean of your contact lens case is with fresh solution.

Which solution should I use to clean my contact lens case?

Only multi-purpose solutions can ensure an effective and safe clean of your contact lens case.

Saline or wetting solutions won’t offer proper sanitation, while hydrogen peroxide solution is a disinfectant that needs to be neutralised after to avoid causing any harm to the eye.

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