Biotrue Daily Eyelid Wipes

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  • Biotrue Daily Eyelid Wipes
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Biotrue Daily Eyelid Wipes Product Description

Biotrue Daily Eyelid Wipes from Bausch & Lomb are perfect for keeping eyes healthy, as they gently clean away debris and bacteria from the eyelid without disrupting your chosen contact lenses.

Developed by leading experts, they are made specifically to treat Blepharitis, eye allergies and infections. Biotrue Daily Eyelid Wipes are both preservative-free and detergent-free, making this suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. The wipes will help soothe your eyes and keep them refreshed all day long.

There are 20 wipes inside each box, each sealed in an individual sachet.  The wipes are suitable for adults, children and babies and can even be used when you’re wearing your contact lenses.

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Benefits & Features

  • Gently cleans your eyes
  • Preservative free and detergent free
  • Soothing & Refreshing
  • 20 sealed sachets in each box
  • Suitable for all ages
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