Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution Flight Pack

2 x 60ml
  • Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution Flight Pack
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Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution Flight Pack Product Description

Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution Flight Pack by eye care specialists Bausch & Lomb is available in this handy travel pack edition. A perfect portable companion for contact lens wearers heading abroad, the flight pack is ideally sized for airport regulations. 

Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution Flight Pack operates by completing several tasks of your contact lens cleaning routine, which ultimately leads to clear and fresh vision. Cleaning, conditioning, disinfecting and the removal of proteins are all taken care of by the solution

Made with hyaluronan lubricant, Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution Flight Pack is designed to keep lenses moisturised for up to 20 hours. Biotrue utilises a special formula, which has the same pH level as that of your natural tears. This results in comfortable and soothed eyes all day long.

The flight pack comprises 2 contact lens cases, a handy zip bag for airport security, and 2x60ml bottles of Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution. 

Any questions you have can be answered by our friendly and dedicated customer service team.

Benefits & Features

  • Multi-purpose solution
  • Flight pack – perfect for travelling
  • 2 lens cases provided, alongside a zip-up bag
  • Up to 20 hours of moisture
  • Rinses, cleans and conditions eyes 
  • Long-lasting comfort
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    Review {0} Product is good for me. I usually use Synergi but seems you can no longer get travel-sized bottles (of anything, as far as I can see). These are essential for travelling on low-costs airlines with cabin baggage. Feel Good was the only supplier of flight pack sizes of any contact lens solution and Biotrue was the only solution available in the flight pack size so I had to choose it but I''ve used it before and I like it. Very comfortable.
    5 5stars
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    Review {0} Always great for taking on holiday
    5 5stars