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Clinitas Soothe Multi Product Description

Clinitas Soothe Multi eye drops are the latest addition to Altacor’s Clinitas range. This innovative preservative-free eye drop effectively provides long-lasting relief from dry eyes

Designed to combat the effects of the modern digital environment on our eyes, Clinitas Soothe Multi offers a solution to this by hydrating our tear film with the highest concentration of sodium hyaluronate. This work to gently lubricate our eyes, relieving dryness, irritation and gritty feeling.  

Clinitas Soothe Multi are ideal for those who spend their day around air-conditioning, in front of digital screens and for contact lens wearers. The multi-dose eye drop is available in a convenient 10ml sized bottle, to carry with you over the course of the day. They can also be used with contact lenses whilst they are in.  

At, we offer a wide range of Clinitas products. For any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Benefits & Features

  • Free fom preservatives
  • Suitable for contact lenses
  • Bottles contain 250 drops of soothing solution
  • Remains sterile for up to 3 months after bottle is opened
  • 0.4% concentration of Sodium Hyaluronate
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    Review {0} Have used this product recommended by my optician as part of my dry eye syndrome management.
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