Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric

€22.69 30 Lenses / box
  • Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric
  • Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric
  • Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric
Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric



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Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric Product Description

Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric are an easy upgrade from Focus Dailies Toric lenses, demonstrating the same fitting according to Alcon & Ciba Vision. These toric contact lenses have a range of axis and cylinder prescriptions to correct different levels of astigmatism.

Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric are high performance daily disposable lenses with Precision Curve™ that deliver easy clear and crisp vision in all conditions. Impressive features include ultra-thin edges for an outstanding comfort that’ll feel as though you aren’t even wearing any lenses.

The triple lubrication system is blink-activated, releasing moisturising agents with every blink. The moisturising agents are also found in comfort drops used on contact lenses to enhance comfort. Thus, the impressive use of combined technology within the contact lenses creates optimum hydration, providing refreshing all day comfort.

For this reason, the Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric contact lenses are an exceptional choice for lens wearers with astigmatism looking for a convenient daily disposable option. For any queries or help with ordering please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Benefits & Features
  • Daily contact lenses
  • Toric contact lenses for astigmatism
  • Triple Moisturising Formula
  • Lenses that ensure tear film remains stable
  • Blink-activated moisturising system
  • 69% water content

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1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism are similar daily toric lenses.


Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric parameters

Manufacturer Alcon & Ciba Vision
Brand Dailies
Wearing type Daily Contact Lenses
Power range 4.00 to -8.00
-0.75, -1.25, -1.75
10° - 180°
Base curve(s) 8.8mm
Diameter(s) 14.4mm
Lens material Nelfilcon A
Water content 69%
Oxygen permeability 26 Dk/t

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  • Emily - 16 Jul 2019
    Good product that fits me well.
  • Customer KMLF - 15 Jul 2019
    Great fit and clarity of vision for me
  • Laura - 04 Jul 2019
    Amazing product and really satisfied with the delivery!
  • Phillip Boaden - 04 Jul 2019
    Does what is says on the box - in comfort
  • Nimrah Habib - 03 Jul 2019
    The best!!
  • Gemma Bettelley - 29 Jun 2019
    I love these lenses, really comfy, easy to put in and take out. Slight irritable at the end of the day but I have yet to wear any lenses that aren’t!
  • Sue Bircumshaw - 27 Jun 2019
    Excellent contacts - very comfortable to wear
  • Billie - 25 Jun 2019
    Great lenses others make my eyes either water too much or they are so thin they Rip, these are perfect
  • Juliemac - 23 Jun 2019
    Perfect for me for holidays
  • Aimee Nicol - 22 Jun 2019
    Delivery always arrives quickly...very good service
  • Fraser Symon - 19 Jun 2019
    Comfortable but steadily becoming more expensive.
  • Mcheshire - 18 Jun 2019
    Great product - quick delivery
  • Wenfu Feng - 18 Jun 2019
    Very Comfortable.
  • Mrs Millar - 16 Jun 2019
    These were the only ones that actually felt comfortable in my eyes
  • Neeja - 13 Jun 2019
    very comforting and does not dry my eyes out.
  • Jessica Moreton - 07 Jun 2019
    decent lenses get a bit dry after long wear
  • H Martin - 07 Jun 2019
    Tried several contact lenses after starting to have problems seeing clearly in the distance with my left eye. Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus were the only ones that rectified this. They are also that comfy that I forget that I''ve got them in.
  • Sue Clayden - 05 Jun 2019
    These are very comfy
  • Amy Carruth - 31 May 2019
    After trying various other lenses I found these were the best for me as my eyes get quite dry!
  • Mrs sarah emmett - 18 May 2019
    As it says on the box
  • Gareth Taylor - 15 May 2019
    Comfortable to wear
  • Lc - 03 May 2019
    Great product
  • Judy bishop - 02 May 2019
    Very comfortable to wear and clear vision
  • Mcheshire - 01 May 2019
    Easy to use
  • Karolina Orlowska - 29 Apr 2019
    Very comfortable and well hydrated
  • Sharon - 26 Apr 2019
    Very good service and very quick thank you
  • Victoria - 25 Apr 2019
    Great lenses. Comfortable for all day wear!
  • Mark Newman - 25 Apr 2019
    The most comfortable lenses I have tried.
  • Christian - 20 Apr 2019
    I don’t use them every day so the disposable lenses makes sense, convenient as no cleaning required
  • Wing - 17 Apr 2019
    Feel good, easy to put in and take off, might take a few days to adjust
  • Shelley Robinson-Eales - 14 Apr 2019
    Comfortable, good quality
  • Gary Burley - 14 Apr 2019
    Very comfortable
  • Diane Coyle - 07 Apr 2019
    Good comfortable contact lenses. Have been using these for a number of years and had no problems at all.
  • Andrew - 05 Apr 2019
    Rapid delivery!!
  • Aimee Nicol - 29 Mar 2019
    Great-had them for years...fast delivery service-all great!
  • Mr stephen worrall - 28 Mar 2019
    Never had a bad lens very comfortable.
  • Customer - 23 Mar 2019
    Used them for years and never been disappointed
  • Reggie Santarita - 15 Mar 2019
    Amazing product
  • Simon M - 15 Mar 2019
    Stuck with product recommended by optician.
  • Rachel Smith - 12 Mar 2019
    Perfect quick and easy. So comfortable
  • Abbie - 11 Mar 2019
    Great product exactly what I expected
  • Margaret Page - 07 Mar 2019
    Good value and quality
  • H Martin - 18 Feb 2019
    Very comfortable to wear.
  • Suzanne Bulling - 15 Feb 2019
    Some aren''t as good as others they brake or are broken but mainly good
  • Benjamin Sayer - 29 Jan 2019
    Suffer with dry eyes - get a full day wear from these 7am - 11pm with no discomfort. Highly recommend. Only complaint is the non-toric lenses have been known to rip easy but this has only happened 3 times in the last year.
  • Barbara Oliveira - 29 Jan 2019
    Delivered the lenses I ordered on time
  • Kah Leng Low - 11 Jan 2019
    Great quality, never get dry, feel super comfortable.
  • Heather Martin - 06 Nov 2018
    Excellent service
  • Nikol Vesela - 01 Oct 2018
    great company,fast delivery
  • Fiona Cain - 13 Sep 2018
    fast, efficient and well priced
  • Olivia Scott - 22 Aug 2018
    Very good lenses that give me the same great quality of vision that I get with my glasses which can be difficult as I have astigmatism in both of my eyes. They do not dry my eyes out and give high levels of comfort all day. The vision I get is just as good as my glasses, best contacts I have ever used.
  • John M - 19 Aug 2018
    Very good product. Exactly what I wanted.
  • Catherine Brown - 18 Aug 2018
    Excellent product very easy to use and comfortable to wear.
  • Ruth Trelore - 15 Aug 2018
    Great comfortable lenses at a good price.
  • Stuart B - 13 Aug 2018
    These lenses are all you need for comfort and convenience with excellent vision
  • Cary Stafford - 01 Aug 2018
    Excellent product. Very comfortable to wear and always gives clear vision.
  • John McMullan - 27 Jul 2018
  • Anon - 27 Jul 2018
    Great product. My eyes don’t get sore and I wear them from morning until night. My vision is clear all day. So easy to use pop them when I get up and put them in the bin at night which is convenient for my work schedule.
  • Georgina - 18 Jul 2018
    Excellent service lenses arrived within 24hrs. Great price & easy to use website
  • Emily Evans - 08 Jul 2018
    Really easy to order from this site, look forward to receiving them. Spec savers was cheaper but you have to pay over £100 upfront so very happy I’ve found this site.
  • Ross Massey - 02 Jul 2018
  • Kay Nelson - 30 Jun 2018
    Very comfy lenses and good value
  • dougalh - 27 Jun 2018
    Optician prescribed after trying three different types over years so they''re good quality and for, and it was just cheaper, quicker and easier to buy them online.
  • Gary Burley - 27 Jun 2018
    Very comfortable and easy to use Much better than my originals from SpecSavers - and much cheaper as well
  • Julie Condon - 12 Jun 2018
    Great service and good value for money brilliant
  • Nicola Deogun - 11 Jun 2018
    Fast delivery, quality product
  • Imran Saeed - 08 Jun 2018
    They are comfortable to wear and were like the one I was getting from store near my home but they were little bit high in price so that''s why I''ve switched to this one.
  • Mr Paul Youle - 23 May 2018
    No problems,easy to use,very good
  • Maria Smart - 16 May 2018
    I love these contracts, no bother with them, my eyes always feel great.
  • Donna Ogden - 12 May 2018
    These were not comfortable for me I was only managing around 6 hours wear time. I changed to another brand through reading other people’s reviews and found a lens which suit me better now managing 12/14 hours wear so comfy I forget there in.
  • Freya Van-De-Gevel - 10 May 2018
    These are the worse contacts I have ever put in my eyes, they are so uncomfortable. A waste of £40.
  • Sue Clayden - 06 May 2018
    Great lenses
  • Sue Clayden - 06 May 2018
    Great lenses. Comfortable to wear
  • Vanessa Atanes Enepi - 03 May 2018
    Good contacts, I use them every day and this is coming from someone with sensitive eyes!!
  • Tina Mitchell - 28 Apr 2018
    Never have any problems great lenses
  • heather - 07 Apr 2018
    These contacts are the best for me however I do think they are a bit pricey.
  • Diane Coyle - 24 Mar 2018
    really great item. have used this product for many years. Suits me. Would recommend, feels like you are not wearing contact lenses at all very comfortable
  • Mark - 19 Mar 2018
    Excellent value & speed of delivery
  • Mr Paul Youle - 17 Mar 2018
    Good quality lenses,no problems
  • Kyle - 16 Mar 2018
    My proscription is at the extreme end of what is available commercially. Unfortunately, I could not get my exact proscription in this brand however my optician assured me than I would not notice a few points difference. I have worn these lenses 5 or 6 times, the longest period being for about 9 hours. I have not had any discomfort or problems so far.
  • DG - 25 Feb 2018
    I have used this particular product for many years until I was told some months ago by my optician that they were no longer able to offer me the product. I was given three different types of toric lenses to test and they were all unsuitable. Dailies Aqua comfort Plus Toric are the best ever lenses I used so I sourced my next supply form Feel Good Contacts.
  • Kelly McMahon - 18 Feb 2018
    Will never use another brand!
  • Manveer Gill - 17 Feb 2018
    Great contacts and very easy to use ( put in and take out) sometimes a little uncomfortable but definitely manageable
  • Paul - 15 Feb 2018
    Very comfortable lenses. Can wear them all day
  • Raul Garcia - 11 Feb 2018
    Super quick delivery. Not the cheapest and you should look at reducing prices, however, I like the fact that I can order my lenses at the last minute and get them delivered the next day. You could also look at offering free delivery on all orders, regardless of how much you spend, if you’re not going to reduce prices.
  • Diane Coyle - 11 Feb 2018
    excellent contact lenses. Very very comfortable, you dont even know you are wearing them.
  • Hobbs - 07 Feb 2018
    Same product I was getting at optician with your company lot cheaper well happy
  • Ms Corinne Reed - 21 Jan 2018
    Have no problems wearing these daily lenses.
  • Alan Trinder - 19 Jan 2018
    never received item unfortunately.
  • customer - 14 Dec 2017
    Works for me and fits my eye properly. It doesn’t get too dry either towards the end of the day!
  • Lesley Giles - 09 Dec 2017
    Always find these comfortable and good vision. I have astigmatism so need the toric lens.
  • Norman Barlass - 08 Nov 2017
    Next day delivery. The more you buy the better the price.
  • Daniel Kealy - 29 Oct 2017
    Great product but always end up with more R lens than L lens in the boxes.
  • Daniele Tartarini - 14 Oct 2017
    feel better than competitors lenses in therms of hydration and comfort.
  • Maureen Mackay - 25 Sep 2017
    Have tried other toric lenses but these are the ones that work for me.
  • Alice Todd - 17 Sep 2017
    Great lenses, really comfortable
  • Paul - 12 Aug 2017
    Very good lenses, just what i need
  • L. Trickey - 10 Aug 2017
    Got me out of a hole when I was on the point of running out . Exactly the same as my opticians prescription.
  • Michelle - 27 Jul 2017
    Good service, contact lenses feel good.
  • Claire Mitchell - 27 Jul 2017
    Good service good lenses fast shipping