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Proclear Multifocal Toric Benefits & Features

  • Ideal for dry eyes
  • Combined multifocal and toric lens
  • Designed for people who have presbyopia and astigmatism
  • Delivers smooth visual transitioning between distances
  • High water content ensures lenses are kept hydrated all day long

Recommended For

  • Those with astigmatic and presbyopic prescriptions
  • People who prefer monthly wear contact lenses
  • Addressing discomfort from dry eyes

Product Description

Coopervision Proclear Multifocal Toric contact lenses feature Balanced Progressive Technology and PC technology for optimal comfort and visual acuity. These monthly contact lenses correct both astigmatism and presbyopia, as they combine multiple corrective powers into a single multifocal toric lens.

These impressive monthly disposable contact lenses can be worn for 30 days as daily wear, provided that they are removed at the end of each day and cleaned and stored in a contact lens solution overnight.

PC Technology guarantees your eyes will stay moist and hydrated throughout wear, preventing dry eyes and irritation. While Balanced Progressive Technology ensures your contact lenses remain in place on the eye throughout the entire day, delivering sharp and consistent sight, unaffected by blurs, halos, or distortions. Due to their multiple prescription zones, you can also rely on these Proclear Multifocal Toric contact lenses to achieve smooth and easy visual transitioning when viewing objects at all distances.

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Proclear Multifocal Toric Parameters

Manufacturer CooperVision
Brand Proclear
Wearing type Monthly Contact Lenses
Power range +20.00 to -20.00
-0.75, -1.25, -1.75, -2.25, -2.75, -3.25, -3.75, -4.25, -4.75, -5.25, -5.75
5° to 180°
Base curve(s) 8.4mm, 8.8mm
Diameter(s) 14.4mm
Lens material Omafilcon B
Water content 62%
Oxygen permeability 25 Dk/t
Pack size 3 Pack

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Further Optical Advice

Are there lenses that are both multifocal and toric?

Yes. Proclear Multifocal Toric are contact lenses that is both multifocal and toric. It is the perfect option for correcting both presbyopia and astigmatism. You can add an axis, cylinder, and a dominant eye to your prescription with these multifocal toric contact lenses.

Proclear Multifocal Toric Reviews

  • Priscilla Medcalf - 10 Feb 2022
    Extremely please with the fast shipping and the quality of the product. The price is definitely affordable compared to what I have paid in the past with another merchant. Thank you!
  • Raj Sanghera - 31 Aug 2021
    Excellent contact lenses for astigmatisms and multifocal vision patients
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