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What are Proclear contact lenses?

Proclear contact lenses are a highly popular brand of soft contact lenses, providing daily disposable lenses and monthly contactsfor a wide range of visual requirements. Developed by renowned eye care specialists CooperVision, they are ideal for contact lens wearers who experience dry eyes.

Why should I choose Proclear Contacts?

The Proclear family features exclusive PC technology that naturally attracts water to the lens surface, keeping your lenses moist and hydrated for up to 12 hours of wear. Proclear contact lenses offer day-long hydration, reducing the risk of dry eye and ensuring total comfort.

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What types of Proclear contact lenses are there?

The Proclear family has contact lenses for an extensive range of visual conditions such as astigmatism, short-sightedness, long-sightedness and presbyopia. In addition, you can choose between daily and monthly lenses from this range.

Daily disposable

Daily disposable contact lenses are a popular choice amongst contact lens wearers, offering the convenience and hygienic benefit of a fresh new lens every day. You can dispose of them after a full day’s wear and won’t have to bother with a cleaning routine. Proclear 1 Day contact lenses are daily disposable lenses designed to correct short-sightedness and long-sightedness. Proclear 1 Day Multifocal are also daily wear lenses, suited to those who suffer from presbyopia. This particular wearing schedule caters for those who have busy lifestyles and offers the flexibility of wearing your lenses lenses whenever you need.

Monthly disposable

Monthly disposable contact lenses are ideal for regular lens wearers, while the Proclear monthly range also caters for all types of visual correction. They require a simple cleaning routine, which can be achieved with any of our multi-purpose solutions. These contacts can be worn for up to 30 days, provided they are kept in solution overnight.

Proclear monthly contact lenses are a cost-effective choice if you wear your lenses on a day to day basis, correcting short-sightedness and long-sightedness. For astigmatism correction, Proclear Toric has an extended power range to suit a wider range of prescriptions and Proclear Multifocal is designed to correct presbyopia while offering clear vision at all distances. In addition, CooperVision have crafted Proclear Multifocal Toric to correct both conditions for optimum and advanced visual clarity, with a monthly replacement schedule.

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