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ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution Triple Pack Product Description

ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution by Bausch & Lomb is an exceptional and reliable multi-purpose contact lens solution that offers value for money and saves you time during your daily contact lens cleaning routine, without compromising on hygiene or quality.

ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution Triple Pack is loaded with three 250ml bottles of contact lens solution and three contact lens cases, giving you enough contact lens solution to look after your contact lenses for at least three months.

There’s no need to buy multiple contact lens cleaning products and contact lens cases when you can add ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution Triple Pack to your contact lens care routine. The multi-purpose contact lens solution will evenly clean, rinse, wet and store your two weekly or monthly contact lenses. For more information on how to clean and store your lenses, read our helpful guide

The solution not only eliminates lipids and other deposits that have built up during the day, but rehydrates the lens material and keeps your eyes feeling moisturised for an increased period of time. This is perfect for those who suffer from dry eyes. Your contact lenses will retain the very same fresh and smooth feeling you get the first time you wore them when you use this multi-purpose solution.

We also stock a one month supply of ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution and a smaller-sized flight pack, as part of our renowned ReNu range. 

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Product Details & Advice
  • Multi-purpose contact lens solution
  • Triple pack supply
  • Cleans, disinfects, rinses and stores lenses
  • Ensures hygiene and comfort
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