How to take out contact lenses

Medically reviewed by Tina Patel, Contact Lens Optician at Feel Good Contacts.

Almost all eyesight conditions can be corrected using contact lenses. Regardless of how long you’ve been wearing lenses, this article is for you. Whether you’re already a pro at removing your contact lenses or you’re looking for an alternative easy method to take your lenses out. Our opticians have put together different ways of removing lenses.

Did you know there are 3.7 million contact lens wearer in the UK, representing 9% of adults aged 15-64 years (as stated by the BCLA)? Imagine this many people applying and removing their lenses daily. Whether you have opted for dailies, monthlies, two weeklies or extended wear, it is essential to understand the step-by-step process of applying your lenses and taking them out at the end of your day.

Similar to applying your lenses, taking your lenses out can also require some practice. You might get it in one go or might need more tries. Don’t worry it’s easy and will become second nature with enough practice.

How to remove your lenses easily?

There are different methods of removing your lenses. All methods are correct and depend on what method suits you the best. For example, women with long nails, might find the ‘looking up method’ (described in the coming section) more convenient as it does not require pinching the lens out. But first, prep yourself to take your lenses out:


  1. Wash your hands

    Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and water. Avoid using a scented soap, as this might irritate your eyes when you touch your lenses.

  2. Dry your hands

    Thoroughly dry your hands with a lint-free towel, we don’t want any fibres to get transferred to the lens. Additionally, drying your hands properly will help you to grip the lens for easier removal.

Remember to keep your eye essentials handy. This includes lens solution, lens case, eye drops, glasses (if you need them after removing your lenses) and a lint-free hand towel.

Methods to remove contact lenses

We have two methods listed for you to try.

  1. Looking up method:

    1. This method does not involve pinching and is great for those who are uncomfortable with touching their eyes.
    2. Look into the mirror.
    3. With your non-dominant hand, pull your upper eyelid and eyelashes up, maximising the white space.
    4. With your dominant hand, hold you lower lid down. Now, look up and try to pull the lens down towards the lower white part of your eye using the tip of your forefinger.
    5. once the lens is on the white part of your eye, keep pulling the lens down and take it off using the tip of your finger.

  2. Side slide method:

    1. This method makes it easier for you to remove your lens if you prefer not to look into the mirror.
    2. With your non-dominant hand, pull the upper eyelid and lashes up.
    3. Pull your lower eyelid down using your dominant hand, maximising the white space.
    4. Look over your nose to make space for the lens to come out.
    5. With the tip of your forefinger, pull the lens towards the outer corner of your eye (onto the white of the eye).
    6. You can now gently pinch the lens out using the tip of your thumb and forefinger, once the lens is dislodged.

Whilst practising any of the above methods, your lens will tend to return to the cornea as it is designed to sit on the cornea. It's normal for the lens to keep sliding back; keep trying, and you should be able to remove your lens.

Follow a cleaning routine if you wear monthlies, two-weeklies, or extended lenses. Rub, rinse and store your lenses for a fresh new every day.

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What is the easiest way of taking out the lenses?

Every way is easy if you’re practicing it correctly and safely. Regardless of what method you choose, removing your lenses quickly comes with practice.

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