How to choose the right glasses for you

Medically reviewed by Khuram Sarwar, Dispensing Optician at Feel Good Contacts.

Selecting the best glasses frames can be tricky as numerous factors, such as face shape, skin tone, eye condition etc., come into play.

Glasses can be an integral part of your identity as most people remember you by your face. From getting a sophisticated look to a formal look, the right eyewear can facilitate the way you shape your overall persona.

Through this detailed guide, we will find how to choose glasses frames as per your eye care needs.

1. Understanding your face shape.

To choose the best glasses frames, you must know your face shape. Some of the commonly seen face shapes are square, round, rectangle and oval. Some ways to determine the shape of your face are phone, mirrors and photo methods. Refer to our face shape guide to find out the closest resemblance of your face’s silhouette.

Generally, it's all about expressing your style through your glasses. But the right glasses can elevate your facial features.

Glasses for round face shape.

Round faces have equal width from jaws to the brows. With fuller cheeks and chin, the face shape has curves and soft lines. Glasses with certain angles and definitions can be a good fit for such faces. Some of the examples of such frames are rectangular frames and cat-eye frames.

Here are some angular frames -

Ray-Ban RX5268 5119 50 Matte Black

Ray-Ban RX5268 5119 50 Matte Black

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Tommy Hilfiger TH1881 FWM Nude

Tommy Hilfiger TH1881 FWM Nude

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Glasses for square face shape.

Wide cheekbones, jawline and forehead are the characteristics of square-shaped faces. Therefore, round thin frames can help in softening the sharp angular features. Choosing frames wider than the cheekbone can also balance the square face lines. Here are some examples for your understanding:

Feel Good Collection Young Matte Black

Feel Good Collection Young Matte Black

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Feel Good Collection Abby C3 Copper Crystal

Feel Good Collection Abby C3 Copper Crystal

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Glasses for heart face shape.

Just like the shape of a heart, the faces with pointed chins and wide foreheads are the features of heart-shaped faces. Such faces also have higher cheekbones. You can be playful while selecting the best glasses frames for such faces.

Wide frames can complement such faces. Aviator frames can add more width to heart-shaped faces whereas, rectangular or oval frames balance the forehead and chin perfectly.

Glasses for oval face shape.

Oval faces have wider cheekbones with a gentle narrowing towards the forehead and jawline. They are more similar to round face shapes but have lesser overall structure. Such faces are longer.

Oversized frames are a perfect fit to add more definition to the facial features of such faces. This means that oversized glasses can balance an oval face making it appear shorter.

Glasses that add angles to the curves of the face can be an excellent choice too. Square, rectangular and clubmaster frames are some of the best options. Read more to find out the best glasses for oval faces.

2. Choosing the right material for frames

The best glasses frames are made of high-quality materials. It is very important to choose glasses that offer the utmost comfort without compromising on the aesthetic looks. Here are some of the frame materials and their features:

  1. Metal Frames - one of the most durable materials for glasses frames is metal. These frames are great for everyday use as they are lightweight and flexible. Such frames offer a minimalistic appearance and they tend to hold adjustments properly.
  2. Plastic frames- frames made of plastic or acetate are one of the most common and comfortable options. Such frames have fixed pad bridges along with stylish designs and unique colours.

Acetate, also known as cellulose acetate is also a material used to make robust and durable frames. Since old plastic frames start to deteriorate over time, these do not have such issues. Still confused about what material to pick. Refer to a detailed comparison guide between plastic and acetate frames.

3. Choosing glasses according to skin tone

Skin shades may vary from light to dark, but it is important to understand the undertones of the skin. It can be warm, neutral and cool; therefore, glasses colours can be a real game changer in one’s overall look.

We have provided a table below for you to understand which frame colours can be the best for your skin tone and shade:

Frame colours for warm tones

Lighter shades such as Soft pink, green and brown

Medium shades such as bright shades of orange, tortoise and mahogany

Darker shades such as bright shades of red and orange

Frame colours for cool tones

Lighter shades such as Ivory and other lighter vintage shades

Medium shades such as bluish green, navy, bluish red and cranberry

Darker shades such as dark blue, bluish-green, onyx and purple

Once you understand which colour frames look good on you, it becomes easier for you to opt for the right frames. However, these matches are subjective, and it all depends on your own choice and personal style.

4. Considering your personality and lifestyle

Whether you are selecting the best designer glasses frames or prescription glasses it is important to consider your personal style and lifestyle.

People with a very active lifestyle, such as athletes or construction workers must opt for glasses that stay put and sturdy. Whereas, if you spend your days attending business meetings you should opt for frames that offer a formal yet stylish look.

Certain frame styles or colours might resonate with your overall personality. Knowing the best frames for all your looks and occasions can help you reflect your personality even better. It is important to feel confident in whatever glasses you are wearing.

Selecting glasses can be similar to selecting clothes. It may vary depending on one’s own choice. There is no one correct way of style. Therefore, frames that offer maximum comfort and cater to your eyesight needs are the best glasses frames to suit you.

How do I find the perfect fit for my glasses?

In order to get the perfect fit, refer to the checklist shared above. Ensure a secure fit of your glasses for a comfortable wearing experience. You can always consult your optician for any further advice.

How do I know what glasses suit my face?

While selecting the glasses opt for the frame shapes that are in contrast with your face shapes. Such frames add more angles to your overall face structure. Also, if the frame provides an overall balance to your face, it can be a good fit for you.

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