A guide to caring for large frame glasses

Medically reviewed by Khuram Sarwar, Dispensing Optician at Feel Good Contacts.

A lot of prescription glasses wearers end up developing bad habits that can shorten the lifespan of their glasses. Wiping the lenses with your t-shirt and not storing your glasses in a case can both lead to damage. Caring for large frame glasses involves a simple cleaning routine, storing them correctly and taking care when putting your glasses on or taking them off. Follow these easy tips for preserving large glasses.

Why are large glasses so popular?

Large frame glasses were particularly popular in the 1970’s but they have become increasingly more popular since then. With large square, butterfly, round and oval shapes being the firm favourites, oversized glasses are a style that is enjoyed by many for a fashionable statement look.

There is an oversized glasses style for everyone, available from many well-known brands such as Prada, Ray-Ban and even our own Feel Good Collection. With a broad range of styles and price points to choose from, you’ll find the right stylish pair of large glasses to suit you.

Storage tips for large glasses

Maintenance of oversized eyeglasses is essential for keeping them in excellent condition. Follow the tips below to ensure your large glasses are looked after properly.

Use a carry case

You should always store your glasses in a case when they aren’t in use. This will protect your glasses from dirt, dust, and scratches. It’s also a good idea to carry a microfibre cloth around with you, for those times when you accidentally touch your lenses.

Keep your glasses clean

Cleaning your glasses on a regular basis will ensure proper hygiene, it will also ensure that you can always see clearly. Smudges often get onto the lenses of our glasses, try to avoid touching the lenses to keep smudges to a minimum.

A microfibre cloth is essential for cleaning your glasses without damaging them. The fibres in a t-shirt are not as soft and can cause tiny scratches, over time this can impair how well you see as the lens won’t be completely transparent anymore. For more information on how to clean large glasses, check out our article on how to clean glasses.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Do not leave your glasses in environments that are too hot or too cold. This could include the dashboard of your car on a hot day, in the freezer or outside during winter. Extreme temperatures can cause your lenses to expand/retract which can then affect the lens coating and frame material. These very high and very low temperatures can also cause the frame to warp or the lenses to crack.

Take your glasses off with both hands

If you take your glasses off with just one hand, you are more likely to bend the frame out of shape. Over time, this will loosen the frame and could cause your glasses to fall down while you are wearing them. You should also avoid wearing your glasses on top of your head, as this will also wear out the frame.

Make adjustments when necessary

If the frame does become loose at the hinges, you can usually tighten the screws to adjust the fit. You can use our handy Feel Good Cleaning Kit to make such adjustments. This useful kit contains a travel-sized bottle of lens cleaning fluid, a mini screwdriver that can be attached to your keychain and a microfibre cloth.

If you aren’t sure about how to adjust your glasses or you require a more complex adjustment/fitting, you can seek help from a professional who will make the adjustments for you.

Add further protection with lens coatings

Our prescription glasses already come with scratch-resistant lenses as standard. However, you can also add further lens coatings to create an accessory that enhances wear and fits in with your lifestyle. Our blue light coating can potentially provide digital protection, reducing symptoms of computer vision syndrome. The hydrophobic coating is a multi-talking addition that will help your lenses to repel water, it also includes anti-reflection technology.

Read our Eye Care Hub

In our informative Eye Care Hub, you’ll find all sorts of useful information to help you maintain your eye health. There are also many articles to help you choose the right pair of prescription glasses, decide if you should try wearing contact lenses and cleaning tips for big eyewear frames.

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