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Feel Good Collection is the exclusive collection of glasses fit for any occasion, brought to you by Feel Good Contacts.

The collection caters for those looking for a designer look at an affordable price point. As such, Feel Good Collection provides a selection of frames with a premium look but at a fraction of the price of high street or designer label alternatives.

First launched in 2020, Feel Good Collection now offers an extensive range of shapes and styles to complement any look, including a range of high-quality prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. From classic and chic to stylish and modern, there is something for everyone!

All models in the collection have been carefully developed with all-day comfort in mind, featuring quality lightweight materials and expert design with the wearer’s experience considered first and foremost.

Why opt for Feel Good Collection frames?

With Feel Good Collection we have created a quality range of frame options that compete with designer brands on style, just without the larger price tag!

At Feel Good Contacts, we are committed to saving customers up to 50% on their contact lenses and eye care products, including glasses and sunglasses compared to high street retailers. Our own brand of glasses expands on that commitment to providing affordable eyewear without compromise and a reputation for value based on 5-star reviews.

All Feel Good Collection products include scratch-resistant lenses with every frame. They also feature premium materials and can easily be mistaken for the designer alternative. At a more affordable price, however, you can order several different styles to match the occasion – so work, home, party and play are covered, all with fast delivery.

Who is Feel Good Collection for?

Practically every wearer has been considered in Feel Good Collection’s range of prescription and non-prescription menswear, womenswear and unisex glasses. We have shapes to suit every face and a variety of styles for customers to try until they find “the one”.

Check out our handy guide on how to choose the right glasses to suit your face shape. Find out if you’re more likely to suit a rectangle, round or aviator frame - or perhaps even something more experimental like a hexagonal frame!

Our top picks:

Feel Good Collection | FGC Rhea 005 Transparent Pink

Our transparent pink Rhea model takes inspiration from cat eye shapes favoured by the likes of iconic designer brands Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Ray-Ban and DKNY. So, with this frame from FGC you can stay on-trend and in-budget.

Feel Good Collection | FGC Enzo C1 Matte Black/Shiny Gunmetal

The clubmaster is a popular style for good reason. The FGC model in shiny gunmetal is an ideal choice for men and women who want full-bodied structure without the visual limitations of a thicker border around the side of the lens.

Feel Good Collection | FGC Evan C3 Light Havana

Get the classic Ray-Ban look with a robust wayfarer frame. This shape looks great in a Light Havana which adds extra texture, dimension and effortless sophistication. A great addition to any look!

Feel Good Collection | FGC Tiana 002 Silver

More lens real-estate is in demand – so why not opt for oversized specs with a skinny metal frame? See more of the world around you and look great while you do it. More is more, right? Well, as you save more and spend less with us, less is more on this occasion too.

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