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Feel Good Contacts is proud to introduce Levi’s range of premium unisex glasses frames to its selection of available glasses online. The brand carries a classic neutral yet striking aesthetic that is loved by those with a masculine, feminine or a gender-neutral style. The brand celebrates the birth of denim and the Levi Strauss name.

Formed in 1853 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, Levi’s has become an American heritage brand to last the ages. The durable denim jeans were first popularised in 1873, becoming an American staple for the years that followed. The iconic Levi’s 501 look has since become associated with ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s nostalgia, a phenomenon that Levi’s has continued with its refreshing range of easy-to-wear prescription and non-prescription glasses frames.

Who can wear Levi’s unisex frames?

Levi’s instantly recognisable brand has a rich history and a vintage appeal. Since the range is designed to be gender neutral, the collection is suitable for both men and women. The frames come in a range of sizes so men's Levi’s frames should fit the same as a women’s frame if the size is available.

Levi’s is a fashion and lifestyle brand of the people that has been favoured in recent years by high-profile influencers such as Hailey Bieber, Jaden Smith, Markus Rashford, to name a few. Levi’s collection of frames was also styled by Made in Chelsea stars Emily Blackwell and Harvey Armstrong.

As a brand that was established to provide hardy, easy-to-maintain workwear for the American public, Levi’s truly is a brand for everyone. It has kept its promise with the Levi’s collection of versatile eyewear options.

People like to wear Levi’s fashion attire casually, for work and pieces can easily be dressed up or down using the right accessories. When you browse through Feel Good Collection glasses, you can easily find a high quality designer dupe to mimic some of Levi’s most popular frames.

What materials does Levi’s use for its unisex glasses frames?

Levi’s glasses are made from only the most durable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly materials. Produced by Safilo, a trusted and reputable manufacturing entity which is also responsible for the fabrication of eyewear frames for designer brands Hugo Boss, Polaroid, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and more, Levi’s glasses celebrate innovation in material science. Some of the collection uses an eco-friendly recyclable plastic material called Hexetate, which has a unique light, comfortable finish.

Why should I buy from Feel Good Contacts?

When you buy a pair of stylish Levi’s prescription glasses with free lenses, premium lenses or only the frame, you can earn Reward Points to spend across the entire website. When you can get super-fast delivery and a premium product at the best prices because you choose to buy prescription glasses online, there’s more than one reason to shop the Feel Good Contacts collection of prescription and non-prescription glasses brands.

For those who want to look after their eyes when using digital screens only, all of Levi’s stylish and environmentally responsible glasses frames are also available to buy as blue light glasses with a 0 power/plano prescription. At Feel Good Contacts, all of the frames we offer are also eligible for an upgrade by adding a specialist coating or a lens tint to turn your glasses into a serious piece of kit. Enjoy up to 70% off when you buy from our extensive range of glasses.

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