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Polaroid prescription glasses have a frame for everyone and any occasion. Since 1937, rich textures, playful colours and creative design have been the signature motifs of the Polaroid brand.

Today, Polaroid eyewear is more popular than ever, the brand having recently ramped up its efforts to champion sustainability through eyewear and to develop meaningful collaborations with some of the most highly regarded brands in fashion and lifestyle.

Why buy Polaroid prescription glasses?

Whether you are buying Polaroid glasses for men or Polaroid glasses for ladies, it is a top trending brand that features collections to complement every lifestyle need. Polaroid prescription glasses carry the strong and energetic energy that the brand has become synonymous with.

Those looking for a more minimalist look can opt for sleek lines and darker colours, also available in the Polaroid line. Our wide range of Polaroid glasses feature round, square, rectangle, cat eye styles and more, including Polaroid’s innovative range of glasses with magnetic clip on sun tints.

Enjoy the fun and creative design of Polaroid every day with the brand’s line of prescription glasses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Polaroid prescription glasses

Are all Polaroid glasses polarised?

Polaroid was the first brand to use the polarising filter for its sunglasses and the brand is well-known for providing excellent quality. All Polaroid sunglasses include a polarised lens, whereas not all Polaroid prescription glasses are polarised. Polarised lenses are only available with tints, so if you would like a clear lens with your Polaroid glasses, you will not be able to add this feature.

Polaroid’s commitment to great quality extends to its collection of prescription glasses frames, which use cutting-edge materials and treatments to provide the best possible comfort and style. All of the Polaroid glasses frames sold at Feel Good Contacts are available to buy with a polarised tint as an add-on feature.

Are Polaroid glasses good?

Polaroid is well known as the first brand to apply a polarising filter to its range of sunglasses. This commitment to innovating eyewear is weaved into every frame the brand produces, always seeking to ensure quality and optical improvement. In fact, all of the Polaroid glasses and sunglasses that we stock at Feel Good Contacts are crafted using premium metal and plastic materials, with excellent design at the forefront of production.

Polaroid men’s glasses offer a universal sophistication that is both functional and fashionable. Similarly, the Polaroid glasses women’s collection has stylish frame options to suit a range of style preferences.

When you buy your Polaroid glasses online in Ireland with the appropriate certification of authenticity, you can guarantee the same great quality for a better price.

Are Polaroid prescription glasses the same as Ray-Ban glasses?

Both Polaroid and Ray-Ban are better known for their contribution to the world of sunglasses than they are for their prescription glasses. While Ray-Ban is known as the creator of Aviator sunglasses and Aviator glasses, one of the most iconic frame designs, Polaroid is celebrated for polarised lenses which are great for improving vision and comfort in bright conditions.

Polaroid glasses and Ray-Ban glasses are similar in terms of quality and both brands produce stylish, on-trend designs that are very popular amongst men and women of all ages. Both brands produce excellent quality prescription glasses frames as well as premium sunglasses models. However, the brands are different, and their products should be considered carefully based on needs.

Can you get Polaroid prescription glasses with clear lenses?

Polaroid prescription glasses frames are available to buy in Ireland as frame-only glasses or with lenses pre-inserted. Not all Polaroid glasses need to be purchased with a tint or a prescription. Instead, you can purchase a frame with a plano (no prescription) lens for fashion or visual comfort purposes when you upgrade to an appropriate lens treatment.

At Feel Good Contacts, we offer a wide selection of lens options to suit all prescriptions and needs. These include lens type, lens coatings and treatments for glasses, sun tints, a wide variety of prescriptions and powers, plus more. Whichever lens you choose, you will receive a free scratch-resistant coating as standard with the free lenses we offer.

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