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Superdry prescription glasses frames offer the same urban, retro charm the contemporary clothing brand is known for. Bold prints, sleek lines and the famous Japanese characters adorn many of the frames.

Square, rectangle frames and round silhouettes are popular motifs in the Superdry glasses range. Design detail, quality obsession, innovation and affordability are central to the Superdry design process. Whether you enjoy rocking bright colours or prefer a more minimalist look, Superdry glasses frames are perfectly suited for every type of personal style.

Designed for men and women, Superdry prescription glasses will add a flash of charisma to your look. Feel Good Contacts offers the best prices on Superdry prescription glasses.

Superdry fashion

Superdry is a brand that has roots in pure style, sustainable living and the spirit of adventure. Uniqueness and independence are key attitudes that run through all of the brand’s designs, from apparel to accessories to lifestyle products.

Under the umbrella of Superdry, there are a collective of brands that make up the whole. These include Original & Vintage, Studios, CODE, Superdry X and Performance Sport.

Is Superdry a sustainable brand?

As a testament to Superdry’s sustainability commitment, the brand has released a number of Superdry’s glasses frames that are made from sustainable materials. With their sustainable frames Superdry uses renewable, recyclable or biodegradable materials to help the planet, one prescription at a time.

Superdry bestsellers

Superdry SDO Kare 002 Silver

Superdry SDO Kare 002 Silver

These unstoppable unisex aviator glasses are classy, stylish and suitable for any occasion.

Superdry SDO Kare 002 Silver

Superdry SDO Keijo 104 Black

Superdry SDO Keijo 104 Black

Harness effortless cool with rectangle colour-pop frames from Superdry’s classic collection.

Superdry SDO Keijo 104 Black

Superdry SDO Leya 127 Black Pink

Superdry SDO Leya 127 Black Pink

When you choose these square frames by Superdry, you choose unapologetic style with a premium feel.

Superdry SDO Leya 127 Black Pink

Frequently asked questions

Are Superdry glasses frames suitable for both men and women?

Superdry is a unisex brand that offers styles to suit anyone. Superdry men’s glasses come in a range of colours and shapes, offering a different statement for any attitude you feel. The Superdry UK women’s glasses frame selection is equally versatile, every one as stylishly on-brand as the next. In addition to all of the fashion-forward designs for men and women, there are plenty of unisex Superdry glasses options to browse which are suitable for men and women equally.

Superdry X is Superdry’s gender-neutral street style aesthetic, which inspires many of the super trendy Superdry unisex glasses you see in recent collections.

Can I get prescription lenses in Superdry glasses frames?

All of the Superdry glasses frames available at Feel Good Contacts are available to buy as prescription glasses. All you need to do is select your prescription lenses at the checkout. We offer free standard lenses with every glasses frame we stock, including when you select any pair from Superdry online at Feel Good Contacts.

Additional features and lens coatings are available to add on to your lenses when you purchase your pair of Superdry prescription glasses. If you have a complicated prescription or simply want to upgrade your lenses, our premium options cater for myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism in a wide range of powers and vision types.

Non-prescription lenses can also be added to Superdry glasses frames for those who are looking for a fashion accessory only, or if you need glasses to cope with blue light from digital devices or the sun. Simply browse through our lens tint options to turn your stunning Superdry glasses into sunglasses. If you suspect that you may need prescription glasses, you can use our handy online tool to find out if we advise that you book an eye test with your optician to confirm.

How do Superdry glasses frames fit?

Superdry offers prescription and non-prescription glasses in varying size profiles to help every face find its perfect pair of Superdry glasses frames. Not only is there a look for everyone, but there is a fit for every face shape and face size!

To find out what size you should be looking for when you shop Superdry glasses frames online, you should pay attention to the frame size – labelled as small fit, medium fit and large fit. For more specific detail, speak to your optician to get your exact measurements and look for a pair of glasses that match their recommendation for bridge width, temple length and total horizontal fit. Other measurements might impact how well the glasses suit you, but should not compromise comfort. To find out which glasses styles are most likely to look good on you, consult our handy face shape guide or take advantage of the virtual try on function.

What is the price range of Superdry glasses frames?

With premium quality at the centre of their designs, Superdry glasses are available within a range of price points. From affordable to high end, Superdry delivers excellent quality and limitless style.

At Feel Good Contacts, we are committed to providing the best prices online in the UK and Ireland. So, we sell Superdry glasses frames at prices that beat the high street. To make sure that you get the same great product, just without the brick-and-mortar price tag, we only source our Superdry glasses frames from Superdry’s official supplier, Inspecs.

Plus, with Feel Good Contacts’s always-on sale customers can get up to 70% off or more when they shop certain styles. Further discounts are available all year round with our Reward Points scheme and ongoing offers for customers who sign up to our marketing emails.

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