20 Weird Facts About Eyes

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

Your eyes are brilliant things, but they are also quite strange. While you might think you know all there is to know about eyes, you might be surprised at these weird and wonderful facts that we’ve compiled at Feel Good Contact Lenses.

  1. Unless they are tracking something, your eyes are unable to move smoothly
  2. People with blue eyes share an ancestor with everybody else in the world that has blue eyes
  3. Brown eyes are actually blue underneath the pigment. In fact, people with brown eyes can have laser surgery to turn their eyes blue
  4. Schizophrenia can be diagnosed with a simple eye test 98.3% of the time
  5. Wearing glasses actually means images are flipped upside down, however the brain corrects them so you can see everything the right way up
  6. The average person will blink 17 times per minute. This totals around 14,280 blinks per day, which is around 5.2 million blinks per year!
  7. 2% of women actually have an extra retinal cone, as a result of a rare genetic mutation. This allows them to see around 100 million colours.
  8. Looking for visual cues in others is a trait that only dogs and humans have. Dogs are the only animal to do this while interacting with people.
  9. 20/20 vision just means normal vision. The best vision is actually 20/16, however the best human vision ever recorded was 20/8.
  10. You can't cry in space as there is no gravity to allow the tears to fall. Instead, the tears just collect in little balls that can hurt your eyes.
  11. The eye is made up of over 2 million working parts

  12. weird facts about eyes
  13. Doctors haven't yet managed to transplant an eyeball as the optic nerve is too sensitive.
  14. Both of your eyes have a blind spot at the back of the retina but you don't notice it as each eye works to fill in the other's blind spot.
  15. You'll probably need reading glasses as you get older. This is because the lens in your eye loses its ability to focus as you age.
  16. Eyes heal very quickly and can repair the damage caused by a scratch in around 48 hours.
  17. Newborn babies can't cry. A baby doesn't actually start developing tears until between four and 13 weeks.
  18. Sharks have very similar corneas to humans' eyes, which means they have often been used as replacements when humans are undergoing eye surgery.
  19. We can only see 1/6th of our eyes
  20. Sometimes people who are diagnosed with having no lens in their eyes - a condition called aphakia - can see the Ultra Violet light spectrum.
  21. There are colours that are too complex for the human eye to see, these are called impossible colours.

Whether you’ve only just learn it from this list, or you’ve always known, eyes are complex things! At Feel Good Contact Lenses, we’re happy to be there to help with all your eye care needs. Browse our impressive selection of products, or contact us now to learn more about eye health and the specific requirements of your eyes.

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