Dailies vs. Monthlies

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Friday, 12 January 2018 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

Dailies or monthlies? Let us give you the breakdown on which contact lenses are better for you.

Cats or dogs? Smooth or crunchy peanut butter? Star Wars or Star Trek? Since the dawn of mankind, topics such as these have been the focus of much debate. And there remains no greater divide in opinion than that between daily disposables or monthly contact lenses.

As someone spending their hard-earned cash on contact lenses, and not wanting to cut any corners, you’ll undoubtedly want to know which lenses to choose and why. Which are better for your daily routine? Which are better for your wallet? And, which are better for your needs as a whole?


In terms of convenience, dailies are in the lead by quite a long way. If you’re someone with an on-the-go, active lifestyle, used to waking up early and climbing into bed late, you’ll find daily disposables the ideal choice for you.

You won’t need to bother yourself with a contact lens cleaning regime, as before you go to bed, you can simply remove your lenses, throw them away, then pop a new set in the very next morning.

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Some of us have to take into account the sensitivity of our eyes when buying our contact lenses. Being prone to dry eye, especially as the day goes on, can affect the type of contact lenses your optician will prescribe you.

Generally, you’ll need a low-mid water contact lens that allows plenty of oxygen to flow through it to make sure your eyes stay comfortable all day long. Fortunately, both daily and monthly contact lenses are available to meet these requirements, meaning that your choice of wearing schedule will have next to no impact on the comfort your eyes enjoy.


When it comes to hygiene, you can’t beat a fresh set of contact lenses. Having been stored in solution inside the packaging, this lens will be fresh and free of any dirt or protein that may accumulate by the end of the day. If you’re a daily disposable contact lens wearer, you’ll then be able to throw these lenses away before bed and apply a fresh pair the next day.

However, there’s no cause for concern at all for monthly contact lenses. As long as you follow a quick and simple contact lens cleaning routine, you can ensure your lenses are as good as new the next morning by cleaning and storing them in solution each night.

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While most people find daily disposable lenses just that bit more convenient, monthlies prove a popular option due to their more accessible price. Even with the cost of restocking your contact lens solution supply and buying a new contact lens case every now and again, you’ll still find that monthly contact lenses provide slightly better value on a daily basis in the long run.


Now we don’t want to be seen to sit on the fence, but we also want to do our duty as responsible contact lens retailers and tell you the truth. And the truth is, that you can enjoy the same exceptional quality of visual correction from your contact lenses, whether they’ve been designed for daily or monthly use.

We stock a huge range of contact lenses, including dailies, monthlies, two weekly contacts and extended wear lenses, all of which deliver clear and crisp vision to the wearer, making sure nothing gets in the way of you and living your life.

We hope our breakdown has offered some guidance on which lenses could be best suited to your lifestyle. However, please remember to speak with your optician regarding which lenses are compatible for your eyes before purchasing different lenses from those that have been prescribed for you.

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