When should I replace my contact lenses?

As there are many different types of contact lenses, there are, in turn, many different wearing schedules, with each lens designed for a specific length of wear.

For daily, two weekly and monthly lenses, the times are very simple and straightforward for when you must replace your contact lenses.

Daily disposables should be thrown away after a day of use, while two weekly and monthly lenses must be stored in solution overnight and disposed of every two weeks and a month, respectively.

What are extended wear contact lenses?

Extended wear contact lenses provide a bit more flexibility in how long you wear them for, and therefore how often you replace them.

Some two weekly and monthly contact lenses offer the option to wear them continuously for a reduced amount of time. These are called extended wear contact lenses and, if prescribed by your optician, allow you to enjoy the freedom of wearing your contacts day and night, meaning you won’t have to go to the trouble of cleaning and storing them every night.

It’s important to remember that this reduces the life of your lens, and is the reason why you’ll only be able to enjoy the added convenience of extended wear for a limited amount of time (typically up to seven days and seven nights) with each pair of lenses.

How many hours a day should you wear contact lenses?

It’s always best to speak with your optician regarding how you wear your contact lenses and how long you should wear them for.

However, general practice goes that you shouldn’t wear most contact lenses for longer than 10-12 hours a day.

The problems posed by wearing your contact lenses for too long include: notable discomfort, drying of the eyes, redness of the eyes and increased chances of an eye infection.

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