How to wear a face mask without fogging your glasses

Khuram Sarwar Khuram Sarwar
Thursday, 23 November 2023 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

Face masks have become an essential accessory for our everyday lives over the past couple of years. These face masks are important in curbing the spread of infections, including COVID-19. However, for those who wear glasses, it might often feel like a daily struggle to keep both spectacles and masks on. Slipping masks, steaming up lenses and constant adjustments can be very daunting. Having foggy glasses can be an irritating and uncomfortable feeling. These foggy glasses restrict your vision and force you to keep clearing your glasses again and again. To make sure you don’t have to struggle with foggy glasses when wearing a face mask, in this blog we have listed some tips and tricks on how to fog-proof your glasses while wearing a mask.

Why do my glasses fog when wearing a mask?

Glasses tend to fog up when you wear a face mask due to a simple phenomenon. When you breathe with a medical or cloth mask on, a significant portion of your exhaled breath escapes through the mask's upper edge. Consequently, this warm breath encounters the cooler surface of your glasses, resulting in fog formation, and restricting your vision. Additionally, this fog also creates extra moisture around your glasses and causes your glasses to slip down your face.

How to stop glasses from fogging up

It is important to keep your glasses clean by preventing them from fogging up to ensure a clear vision. It may sound like a tricky thing to do but keeping your glasses clean while wearing a mask is not that a tough job. Here, we have listed down some great tips for stopping your glasses from fogging up:

Find the right mask

Not all masks are the same. Go for masks that have a snug fit around your nose, cheeks and chin so that there’s no gap for air to escape.

Adjustable ear loops or ties that go around your head can also help in achieving a secure fit. Ensuring that your mask fits tightly against your face will not only give you better protection but will also help to prevent your breath from escaping and your glasses from fogging up.

Go for a mask with a nose bridge

For a more comfortable and effective experience, choose a mask that has a nose bridge. These masks are designed to fit better and help prevent your glasses from steaming up.

Get anti-fog glasses

One of the easiest ways to get rid of fogging glasses is to go for an anti-fog coating for your glasses. These coatings are not that expensive and will prevent your glasses from streaming up not just when you are wearing a face mask but also from the fogging of the glasses that may occur due to any sudden change in the temperature.

Buy an anti-fog lens cloth for your glasses

Did you know using an anti-fog lens cloth is one of the easiest ways to prevent your glasses from fogging up? These cloths are specifically designed to repel condensation from your lenses to help prevent them from steaming.

AB Mask Anti-Fog Cloth

The AB Mask Anti-Fog Cloth will help you to get rid of foggy glasses, keeping your glasses fog-free for up to 48 hours. It is very easy to use; just breathe onto your lenses, then gently rub them with this cloth to banish the fog.

The AB Mask Anti-Fog Cloth not only ensures clear vision but also shields your lenses from smudges and dust, ensuring uninterrupted clarity throughout the day. This eco-friendly cloth can be reused up to 1000 times.

Seal the top of your mask with your glasses

You can use your glasses to create a snug seal at the top of your mask. Pull your mask up higher on your nose and gently rest your glasses on the mask covering your nose to ensure they stay in place. This secure fit will prevent warm air from escaping through the top of the mask.

Switch to contact lenses

If you want a permanent solution for foggy glasses, switch to contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses will ensure that you have a clear vision with or without the mask. At Feel Good Contacts, you will find a wide collection of daily, monthly, two weekly, coloured and vision correction contact lenses at the best prices.

Use soapy water on your lenses

Just give your lenses a gentle wash with very mild soapy water, then shake off the extra water. You can either let them air dry or softly wipe them with a soft cloth before putting your glasses back on. The soap will create a thin protective film on the lenses to stop them from fogging.

Clean your lenses

Your glasses may be more prone to fogging if they haven't been given a thorough clean in a while. We recommend using our Feel Good Cleaning Kit to clean your lenses effectively. Keeping your glasses clean is highly crucial for uninterrupted vision. You can learn easy and effective tips for keeping your glasses clean with our detailed article ‘How to Clean Glasses’.

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