Contact lenses for pets

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Thursday, 06 February 2020
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We have a look at the different types of contact lenses available to your furry friends.

Of course, you’ve heard of contact lenses for humans, but did you know you can get contact lenses for your pet? Pet owners might be surprised to know that animals can wear a contact lens for a few different reasons.


Can animals wear contacts?

A dog and cat can have sight problems, just as humans do. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they can also be prescribed contact lenses. When an animal has poor vision and surgery isn’t advisable, vision correcting lenses can help cats, dogs and horses to get around without bumping into things. This can be especially helpful for cats who are prone to straying into traffic, even with perfect vision.


Pet contact lenses for eye damage

As well as visual correction, your pets can wear contact lenses as a bandage. A bandage lens will help the damaged eye to heal without being irritated by the eyelid opening and closing. This will usually stay on the pet’s eyes for 1-2 weeks.


Pet contact lenses for cosmetic use

When the eye of your cat or dog has been damaged and becomes a different colour, this can be corrected with coloured contact lenses. These cosmetic tinted lenses will hide the eye damage of your pet.


Can dogs have laser eye surgery?

Yes! Having corrective laser eye surgery is an effective treatment for cataracts and glaucoma. Your pets can develop these eye impairing conditions as they age, leading to blindness if left untreated. Correcting these vision problems can improve their quality of life.


Sunglasses for dogs

UV rays are harmful to your pet’s eyes. Luckily, you can get protective eye goggles for dogs to wear. Goggles for dogs will ensure your pet is stylish and protected while out in the sun.


Choose Feel Good Contacts

If it’s contact lenses for eyes you’re after, Feel Good Contacts have a huge array of affordable prescription lenses, coloured contacts and eye care accessories.


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