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Scope is a manufacturer that produces excellent eye care products, such as eyelid wipes, eye drops, eye ointments, heated eye masks, eyelid cleansers and food supplements to support eye health. The products produced by Scope have been tested thoroughly, they are also recommended by many health care professionals.


Scope ophthalmic is the manufacturer of the brand Optase, this range features eye drops, lid wipes and cleansing gels that are designed to help soothe symptoms of dry eye, blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). The Optase range feature eye drops and eyelid cleansing gels, as well as an eye mask which can be heated, to provide relief from dry eye, blepharitis, MGD, chalazion and styes.


Hycosan is a popular range of eye drop products that target different concerns, such as dry eye, itchy eyes, damage to the ocular surface and meibomian glad dysfunction (MGD). They also feature an ointment that can be used at night to soothe dry and itchy eyes for fresh, soothed eyes by the morning.

Hycosan - COMOD system

The bottles within the Hycosan range uses the innovative Continuous Mono Dose (COMOD) system. This unique bottle design keeps the eye drops airtight, which means they remain sterile 6 months after opening. This also allows them to be made without preservatives and still have a long shelf life.

Choose Feel Good Contacts for affordable Scope products

Scope ophthalmic have created effective products to help maintain comfortable and healthy eyes. It’s easy to see why these products are so popular with customers, with a range of eye care products designed to target several concerns, this is a manufacturer that carries effective and efficient products. At Feel Good Contacts, you can find many Scope eyecare products for an affordable price.

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