Total Care Daily Cleaner Twin Pack

€7.49 2 x 15ml bottles
  • Total Care Daily Cleaner Twin Pack
  • Total Care Daily Cleaner Twin Pack
Total Care Daily Cleaner Twin Pack Total Care Daily Cleaner Twin Pack
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Total Care Daily Cleaner Twin Pack Product Description

Blink Total Care Daily Cleaner is a premium cleaning solution developed by AMO for use on rigid and gas permeable contact lenses.

Total Care Daily Cleaner offers an exceptional clean and works to remove the tough bacteria and protein that can form on your contact lenses throughout the day and cause irritation. This solution is not suitable for soft lenses. 

What are the benefits of Total Care Daily Cleaner?

To give your contact lenses the care and proper clean they deserve, simply apply this rigid gas permeable contact lens solution to your lenses and gently rub them for 20 to 30 seconds. This will result in clear contact lenses that deliver total visual clarity, and with an exceptional clean, will reduce the risk of infection and irritation.


What should I use The Total Care Daily Cleaner with?

The Total Care Daily Cleaner works best when used alongside Total Care Disinfecting, Storing and Wetting Solution for a complete contact lens care routine. You’ll be sure of unrivalled hygiene with Total Care Daily Cleaner, while the wetting solution ensures your lenses stay moisturised and your eyes feel totally hydrated.

Benefits & Features
  • Contact lens cleaner
  • For gas permeable and hard contact lenses
  • Hygienic cleaning
  • Comfort Formula
  • Peter - 23 Sep 2019
    I like it much better than other cleaners on the market I have used it for years
  • Elaine - 04 Sep 2019
    This is the first time I have this company, as I couldn’t get this product from a local pharmacy. The service was exceptional, literally placed my order, within half an hour got email to say it’s been shipped and received my order the following day at no extra delivery costs! Brilliant! Have reordered again, and received the same service. Would recommend to anyone.
  • marika Fawcett - 06 Jun 2019
    It''s not as good as it used to be before they changed the name. It seems be a lot thinner but is still a good product. For some reason I can only purchase it on line.
  • Eric Tannahill - 01 Jun 2019
    Speedy delivery.
  • David Price - 24 May 2019
    Cleans contact lens thoroughly
  • Chris Smith - 18 May 2019
    Already done thank you
  • Mrs B K - 24 Apr 2019
    Total Care Daily Cleaner is the cleaner of my chose been using for a while now. In my opinion very good.
  • Rosie Moon - 21 Apr 2019
    Always use this product so glad to have found it
  • Nina - 20 Apr 2019
    I''ve been using this for many years, and have noticed since changing to the smaller bottles the solution is not the same as it used to be. I find it difficult to buy in the supermarket but am reluctant to use anything else.
  • Sue - 19 Apr 2019
    Great value for money
  • Ch1 - 30 Mar 2019
    Excellent cleaner. Rapid delivery. Great.
  • David Price - 17 Feb 2019
    Cleans contact lens effectively
  • Jenny - 05 Aug 2018
    Good product, excellent price.
  • Jill Noble - 28 May 2018
    I have been wearing gas permeable contacts for over thirty years. The Total Care product range has always been reliable for keeping lenses clean and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Terence - 25 Jan 2018
    Excellent service,competitive price,will use again.
  • Claudia Brinkmann - 17 Oct 2016
    Great product, but the new 15ml bottles are unnecessary. I preferred the 30ml ones.