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Who makes MyDay lenses?

MyDay contact lenses are created by CooperVision, one of the world’s leading contact lens manufacturers.

Why should I choose MyDay contact lenses?

MyDay contact lenses utilise a unique technology to offer absolute comfort and a very high level of performance for contact lens wearers. These MyDay contact lenses combine the best qualities of silicone hydrogel lenses and hydrogel contacts by implementing Smart Silicone into the design. This technology allows for a high level of breathability, whilst reducing the amount of silicone needed.

By reducing this amount, the lens can therefore have more channels in which to store moisture and enhance comfort for the wearer while wearing MyDay lenses.

These daily disposables don’t require a cleaning or storing routine, as you can simply dispose of them after a full day’s wear.

In addition, MyDay contact lenses are some of the most advanced daily disposable lenses around and are available in a 30 pack or 90 Pack. If you order from and spend over €55, you can enjoy FREE delivery.

At Feel Good Contacts,We offer competitive IE prices on our extensive selection of contact lenses and eye care products, allowing you to enjoy greater savings when you purchase daily contact lenses online from Feel Good Contacts.

Have a question?

For any further queries regarding MyDay contact lenses please don’t hesitate to contact our highly dedicated and friendly customer service team. Call us on 01 514 3614 or email us at

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