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As a reflection of today’s environmental priorities, EARTH presents its stylish range of sustainable prescription glasses and frames for the environmentally conscious. The brand is dedicated to offering an affordable solution to ethical eyewear choices that look great while putting the Earth first.

EARTH glasses frames use a design aesthetic that is clean, simple and modern. Offering an uncomplicated solution to help a complex problem, EARTH chooses only sustainable materials to make its range of classic glasses designs.

What is EARTH’s ethos?

The ethos that spurred the creation of EARTH is the same ethos that will drive the brand forward to find new ways of providing clear vision for all without causing any harm to the Earth. EARTH believes that it shouldn’t be expensive to make sustainable eyewear choices, or indeed to save the planet.

EARTH is dedicated to creating eco-friendly eyewear solutions that put the Earth first.

What makes EARTH a sustainable glasses brand?

Committed to providing eyewear that is produced in a sustainable way, EARTH invests in pioneering methods in sustainable retail – whether that is through the production methods, materials or sourcing of EARTH glasses.

EARTH’s products are made only from premium sustainable materials. These include:

  • Recycled acetate – a plastic material entering its secondary lifecycle, having been sourced from post-consumer waste
  • Bio-based acetate – an innovative plant-based plastic which is biodegradable upon lab treatment once it has become waste, leaving behind 0 harmful micro-plastics

With sights set on a greener future, EARTH plans to continuously search for new methods to improve production and distribution of prescription and non-prescription eyewear in a responsible and environmentally friendly way.

Who are EARTH glasses for?

EARTH is a modern brand that speaks to everyone – men, women, and not just those who live on planet Earth! As a sustainability-focused glasses brand, EARTH understands that sustainable choices can sometimes push the price higher. However, EARTH believes that it shouldn’t have to cost the Earth to make choices for a sustainable future! That’s why the brand is committed to providing sustainable eyewear at affordable prices with EARTH prescription glasses and EARTH glasses frames.

So, if you’re interested in protecting our planet for future generations, you should consider a sustainable pair from the EARTH glasses range. EARTH glasses frames are available exclusively online at Feel Good Contacts.

“Clear vision should be a priority for everyone. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your environmental ethics though,” says Khuram Sarwar, Dispensing Optician at Feel Good Contacts. “Opticians like me recommend that you update your glasses every two years even if your prescription has not changed, but that could mean you throw away around 30 pairs of glasses in your lifetime. Make a sustainable choice and opt for environmentally-conscious recyclable and biodegradable materials like those used for EARTH’s glasses range.”


How much does it cost to put prescription lenses in EARTH frames?

All glasses purchased from Feel Good Contacts come free with standard lenses, UV protection and a scratch-resistant coating. There is an additional charge for stronger or more complex prescriptions or additional lens treatments, coatings or tints. Costs can range from £0 - £150 at FGC, depending on your needs. Browse through our lens packages and find the option that’s best for you.

Are EARTH glasses high quality?

EARTH glasses only use premium sustainable materials that are designed to last a lifetime, not just the fashion season. The biodegradable and recycled plastic materials are robust, durable and each product comes with a smooth glossy finish and a touch of luxury.

Feel Good Contacts standard lenses are made of CR39 plastic materials, well-known for their lightweight and durable properties. Additional lens coatings can be added to the lenses for alternative benefits, including blue light filter or hydrophobic coatings that help with occupational and lifestyle hazards.

To provide the best quality for customers, Feel Good Contacts’ lenses are not yet sourced from reused or biodegradable materials. This is the safest available option to ensure the safety of those who need to correct their vision using prescription glasses daily. However, as sustainable lens options emerge, sustainable glasses frames made from recycled and biodegradable materials are now available to buy from the FGC site online. Start your journey into sustainable eyewear with the frames you choose.

How much do EARTH glasses cost?

Most people will tell you that sustainability comes at a cost. Similarly to how a lot of people are willing to spend an extra 10 per unit for organic vegetables, sustainable fashion can be a little more expensive.

Luckily, EARTH glasses frames are a competitively priced sustainable option compared to similar products on the market. EARTH glasses UK prices start from £75 , promoting affordable sustainability that anyone can access, exclusively at Feel Good Contacts.

Do I have to buy prescription lenses with my EARTH glasses?

There is always a pair of glasses out there for everyone, even if you do not have a prescription!

There are plenty of 0 power (plano) lens options that have great benefits for your eyes. Light from the sun and from long periods of screen use can have damaging effects on your eyes, which can lead to headaches, eye aches and difficulty sleeping. Not to mention the damaging effects of very harsh, bright lighting which can speed up the development of cataract blindness.

Consider a blue light filter or a tinted lens in an eco-friendly glasses frame to protect the health of your eyes as well as the environment.

How do I dispose of my EARTH glasses frames?

If you would like to continue the sustainable efforts that have been put towards making your EARTH sustainable glasses frames, consider the next step in their lifecycle. Rather than disposing of your used or unwanted frames by simply throwing them in the bin, think about ways they can be reused, recycled or their impact on the planet can be reduced.

Look for local plastic recycling centres that accept the type of plastic you have to offer. If your glasses are made from bio-based acetate, look into collection centres that can process that material more ethically. Bio-plastics can be artificially biodegraded using enzyme treatments that eliminate microplastic residue.

Another alternative is to give your glasses frames a new life by donating them to a charity shop. If they are within warranty, unused and in perfect condition, you can always send them back to us.

What is the returns policy for EARTH glasses frames?

For whatever reason it might be, if you don’t want your EARTH glasses frames any more, we can work something out for you.

At Feel Good Contacts, we value the concept of an honest mistake. Maybe you've ordered the wrong lenses, perhaps your order has arrived incomplete or damaged. If you’ve received something from us that you no longer want or need, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee returns or exchange policy. Don’t worry, your eyes are in good hands.

As part of our policy, all returned parcels can be returned via free tracked delivery. Then a full refund (exclusive of any extra delivery charges) will be applied on any eligible returns if actioned within 90 days of the original purchase. Once accepted, refunds will take 3-5 days to appear in your account.

To process, we’ll just need to the original payment method used at purchase (so that we can credit that account), plus the items returned as described. Please note that opened or used items will no longer be eligible for a refund.

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