Why you should cancel your contact lens direct debit scheme

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Wednesday, 22 July 2020 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

You could be spending more on your contact lenses by being on a contact lens direct debit scheme with your optician. Here is our guide on why direct debit schemes are not as cost effective as they seem.

Before you purchase contact lenses, you must be properly examined and fitted by a qualified optician. You are of course, free to purchase the exact same contact lenses you have been prescribed upon receiving your prescription from anywhere you like. After you have been examined by your optician and given a prescription, you may receive trial lenses of the optician’s own brand lenses, then sold a direct debit scheme with those lenses. What appears to be a low-cost and efficient way of receiving your contact lenses each month, may actually cost more. We’ll explain why it’s better to not sign up to a contact lens direct debit scheme or cancel it if you’re already signed up to one.

Do you need to go on a direct debit scheme to receive your contact lenses?

The simple answer to this is no. You do not need to go on a direct debit scheme to receive your contact lenses. Be aware that many optician own brand lenses are contact lenses that have been made by the same main label manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue), CooperVision and Alcon & Ciba Vision, but rebranded for that particular optician. You can view our table showing your optician branded lenses and their equivalent here.

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Why you should cancel your contact lens direct debit scheme

If you are someone who wears daily contact lenses but occasionally wears glasses, it is likely you will not use your full supply of lenses if you opt for daily disposables. Many people give their eyes a break and only wear glasses on some days, opting to wear contact lenses on certain days of the week, for example over the weekend when going out or socialising. Without a contact lens direct debit, you can be in control of the number of lenses you purchase and when.

Aftercare is often part of your direct debit scheme. While this is handy, the majority of people never actually end up using it. It may be more cost efficient to simply pay for a check-up if and when issues with your contact lenses arise and if you need immediate medical attention, see your GP who will then refer you to an eye care specialist if the problem is more serious.

The complete inflexibility of direct debit plans also makes it difficult to try alternative lenses if you want to switch your lenses at short notice. Perhaps you want to switch from monthly contacts to daily contacts or upgrade from hydrogel to silicone hydrogel. Not having a direct debit plan for your contact lenses gives you more freedom and choice.

Is It cheaper to sign up to a direct debit scheme or buy my contact lenses online?

You can compare the prices of contact lenses from different high street and online retailers to find online retailers are remarkably cheaper. It is cheaper to buy your contact lenses directly online after you have received your prescription, than signing up to a contact lens direct debit scheme with your optician. Feel Good Contacts can save you up to 50% on your contact lenses, in comparison to other online retailers and high street opticians.

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Will I be signed up to a direct debit scheme at Feel Good Contacts?

No – you will not be signed to a contact lenses direct debit scheme when you shop with Feel Good Contacts. You are free to purchase your contact lenses whenever you like. Our 11:59 pm cut-off time means you can order late in the night and get your lenses the very next day with our next day delivery service. Whilst, customers in and around London can enjoy same day delivery service* with us. We also offer a range of other benefits that you would not enjoy from your optician or any other contact lens retailer.

Feel Good Contacts is also the only contact lens retailer that has a dedicated app, allowing you to shop anywhere at any time with a few simple clicks.

If you like the convenience of having your lenses delivered month on month, we have an auto-replenish service which delivers your lenses and eye care products without you having to enter in your details each month. You are not tied into a contract if you sign up to auto-replenish, and you may cancel at any time at no cost to you.

Still not convinced? 10% off your first order with us and save on your first purchase.

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