How to make your New Year’s resolution a success 2019

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Thursday, 27 December 2018
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Making a New Year’s resolution stick can be difficult, so we’ve compiled together a few easy steps on how to fulfill them.

Most of us want to begin our self-improvement at the start of the year, under the “New Year, New You” mantra. A New Year means an opportunity to start afresh and change aspects about ourselves for the better. The idea behind keeping a resolution is usually to improve yourself, whether it’s saving money, quitting smoking, eating healthier or exercising more. But many of us have noticed they’re too hard and usually quite vague to keep. Hence, every year we have the same resolution with the same expected tendency to fail.

So how do you see through this New Year’s resolution?


Make it personal

Your New Year’s resolution will be best kept if it’s personal, so it’s important to pick something that you will truly commit to. Rather than basing your resolution just upon something you should do, you must also want to do it. Many explain they can’t keep their resolution as its hard, which it will be if your resolution is vague or uninspired. But if it holds meaning you’re more likely to not only want to keep your resolution but fulfill it too.


Keep it simple

We all like the idea of starting the New Year with a new you, but you can achieve this a lot easier if you take smaller steps. The most common reason a resolution isn’t kept is usually because people set themselves unrealistic goals or give themselves too many.

Instead, make sure to not overwhelm yourself with dozens of resolutions, make yourself one. You’ll be far more motivated to keep your resolution if it’s simple, giving you a chance to follow it through.




Hold yourself accountable

You can achieve this by broadcasting your chosen resolution to all your friends, family and not to forget social media followers. The more people that know, the less likely you’d want to fail. In a way this will encourage you to fulfil your resolution, with the additional support of everyone around you.


Make a checklist

Keeping an eye on your progress is key. Now this doesn’t mean burdening yourself every day, nor does it mean leaving it till the end of the month, giving room to lose track. We suggest following your progress once a week. It’s important not to be too hard on yourself and if you have missed anything, simply add this to next week’s schedule. Remember to use this to measure how far you’ve gotten, and you can even share this with everyone to keep you going.




Treat yourself to a reward

Give yourself an incentive to look forward to. This doesn’t mean waiting till you’ve reached your final goal. Instead, give yourself credit each step of the way. By implementing immediate rewards you’re encouraging the course of your resolution!


So, whether your goal for the New Year is to start sleeping more or spend less money we wish you good luck! Feel Good Contacts would also like to thank our new and loyal customers this year and wish you all the best in 2019.

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