What to do this Bank Holiday in Ireland?

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Friday, 03 June 2016
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Here at Feel Good Contact Lenses, we’d like to take the time to wish you a very happy Bank Holiday weekend!

Originally marked as the day after Pentecost, a date change in 1973 saw ‘Lá Saoire i mí Mheitheamh’ emerge as one of Ireland’s most significant bank holidays.
Celebrating the first Monday in June has become a landmark event in the Irish calendar and offers an ideal opportunity to get out and enjoy the much-improved weather and lighter mood as the year takes you into the summer months.

As a team who are passionate about eye care and about our customers, we thought we’d offer some handy tips on how to keep your eyes safe while enjoying the festivities.  

Get out and about

bank holiday in Ireland

Facing the never-ending battle with bad weather is something Ireland is famous for. So when the sun makes its appearance around this time of year, it would be a crime not to take advantage of it! Barbecues and picnics become a regular fixture of the weekend during the summer, and the Bank Holiday weekend provides an even greater opportunity. However, as you eat al fresco with your friends and family, try to bear our advice in mind. 

Stay hydrated throughout the day while you’re in the sun. With pollen in the air and hay fever on the rise, your eyes can become sore and painful. To combat this, make sure you have some antihistamine tablets and other eye care measures at hand. Browse our selection of eye drops to ensure you’re never caught off guard. 

Put your muscles to the test, not your eyes!

bank holiday in Ireland

Over the last few years, marathon running has become a big attraction over the Bank Holiday weekend in Ireland. Notable events this weekend include the Cork City Marathon and the Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon. We at Feel Good Contact Lenses suggest swapping glasses for contact lenses to ensure you’re not constantly distracted by the fear of falling spectacles. 

If you’re near the cost, sailing could be on your agenda this weekend. Whether you’re relaxing at the Cork Harbour Festival, or battling the waves of the West Coast, be sure to bring some eye drops along in case that strong sea breeze starts to dry your eyes. 

See the culture

Over the weekend, the country will put on a wide host of outdoor concerts, festivals and other events. Highlights include Ireland Bike Fest, Bloom, Dublin Port River Festival and Cork Harbour Festival. Whether you’re into music, agriculture, art or horticulture, you won’t want your weekend in the sun ruined by eye strain. Avoid this by dusting off those sunglasses and giving them something to do this Bank Holiday.

Going away for the weekend?

Taking care of your eyes while travelling can be a nuisance to say the least. For those of you contact lens wearers seeking a more tropical climate for the holiday, Feel Good Contact Lenses have everything you need to prevent any eye-related issues, so start shopping now! Travel packs are a perfect option for looking after your contact lenses while abroad. In addition to abiding by those difficult 100ml baggage regulations, the multi-purpose travel solution serves to protect your lenses from wear and tear while you’re in foreign territory.  

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