Comfi contact lenses and solutions

What are comfi contact lenses?

Comfi Daily Disposable contact lenses provide a quality eyewear option at a very affordable price, with both 30-packs and a 5-pack trial size available.

Made with a breathable hydrogel design, comfi contact lenses are a daily disposable option that keep your eyes fresh, healthy and feeling good from morning till night.

What is comfi All-in-One Solution?

At, you can also find comfi All-in-One Solution, a multi-purpose contact lens solution that takes care of all of your lens cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and storing needs. By utilising a high quality hyaluronate, comfi All-in-One Solution offers a superior conditioning of your contact lenses than other multi-purpose solutions. Your lenses will stay moist and comfortable, keeping your eyes hydrated and fresh all day long when you use this quality contact lens solution.

You can try comfi All-in-One Solution as a single bottle (250ml) or opt to stock up and save even more with our triple pack edition. We even have a comfi travel pack, providing you with a 100ml bottle of the multi-purpose solution that can be taken with you in your hand luggage to help you look after your lenses when you’re off abroad.