What are Oté Optics contact lens solutions?

Ote Optics is one of the most celebrated eye care manufacturers on the market, providing a premium selection of contact lens solutions for all types of contact lenses. FeelGoodContacts.ie stocks both Ote Clean and Ote Twins Active solutions for the cheapest price in Ireland.

At Feel Good Contacts, we promise we won’t be beaten on price with our Price Match Guarantee. This ensures you receive the cheapest price for your contact lenses and eye care products in Ireland.

What types of Oté contact lens solution are there?

Ote contact lens solutions have been carefully created to offer the ideal answer to all of your lens cleaning needs.

Oté Clean

Ote Clean contact lens solution is specially formulated for rigid gas permeable contact lenses. This solution effectively cleans the dirt, debris and protein that can build up on the lens surface throughout the day. Ote Clean daily cleaner is also previously known as Crystal Cleaner.

Oté Twins Active

Ote Twins Active is a multi-purpose formula, perfect for those with sensitive eyes. The gentle formula doesn’t dilute its power, however, and still offers intensive cleaning for both monthly and two weekly contact lenses.

This solution also has the rare advantage of being compatible with both rigid gas permeable lenses and soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses. The ‘no rub’ formula provides a convenient, simple and easy cleaning routine for monthly and two weekly contact lens wearers.

Can I take Oté contact lens solution in my hand luggage?

Ote Clean contact lens solution is available in a 40ml sized bottle, which is ideal to keep in your hand luggage when travelling as it meets cabin luggage restrictions.

Have a question?

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