Blink Intensive Tears Vials

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Blink Intensive Tears Vials Product Description

Enjoy effective relief from dry eyes with Blink Intensive Tears Vials from AMO. Ideal for contact lens wearers with busy lifestyles, these eye drops can even be applied whilst you have your lenses in.

Blink Intensive Tears Vials Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

Whether you’re stuck in an office or studying, these convenient preservative-free single-use vials can be your perfect companion to provide instant relief from the feeling of dry, tired eyes caused by prolonged screen use, air-conditioned environments and even from your contact lenses. These protective Blink Intensive Tears Vials eye drops also restore clear vision, eliminating blurriness and distortions.

Blink Intensive Tears Vials for instant relief

Blink Intensive Tears contain OcuPure to help rehydrate your eyes and contact lenses by mimicking your natural tears. For added comfort, the formula includes Sodium Hyaluronate (a viscosity enhancer) for a long-lasting effect. Available in 20 single use vials, these eye drops are handy to carry around in your bag.

Enjoy Blink Intensive Tears vials amongst our wide range of eye care products at Feel Good Contacts.

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Product Details & Advice
  • Eye drops to tackle excessive tearing
  • Soothe eyes for long periods – fewer applications
  • Minimises blurred vision
  • Special formula designed to enhance vision and comfort for longer periods
  • 20 x 0.4ml vials
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