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Gucci has reigned supreme in the fashion world for decades and continues to do so. Founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Tuscany, in 1921. Gucci glasses are designed with the same high-level craftsmanship and classic elegance that one can expect from the iconic brand. Gucci glasses are made for both men and women and come in a range of styles and silhouettes. Eclectic, contemporary, romantic—Gucci products represent the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail.

Where to buy Gucci glasses frames?

You can buy Gucci glasses frames from lots of eyewear retailers, both online and on the high-street. Why go to the high-street when you can order your favourite Gucci glasses frames online from the comfort of your home? Order from Feel Good Contacts and get your Gucci prescription glasses online for less! Whether you’re after prescription glasses or non-prescription/fashion glasses, you can get them all here. If you don’t want to buy your lenses from us, that’s fine too, simply click on the ‘frame only’ option. However, we would highly recommend checking out our Blue Light Glasses section. These lenses protect your eyes against the harmful digital screen rays; most beneficial for those who are constantly glued to digital screens.

You can also check out our Feel Good Collection glasses, if you’re after great design with amazing quality and affordable prices.

How much do Gucci glasses cost?

Gucci offers a wide variety of cost brackets depending on the style, material, lenses, and model type. The glasses start from €230 and can go up to €575. They definitely are expensive, however, the price is justified by the eyewear’s quality.

You can get Gucci glasses for less. Order your Gucci glasses online with us and save up to 40% on your glasses. This is because we get our glasses directly from the manufacturers, passing on the savings to our customers. With us, you can get your Gucci glasses starting from €148.

Gucci Glasses

You can be sure to find your pair of Gucci glasses, be it for glasses frames for men or women’s glasses. Every model is crafted with high-quality material and tested in the labs before sending to you. Whether you’re after a bold look or a classic look, you can achieve it through Gucci spectacles.

Here are our top sellers for Gucci glasses:

Gucci GG0634O 001 55 Black

Gucci GG0634O 001 55 Black

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These gorgeous Gucci glasses are a pair of luxury specs for women who wants to make a bold statement. Crafted with high-quality acetate material, these frames are sure to stand the test of time. The frames are square-shaped, mostly suitable for people with round, heart and oval face shapes. The glasses temples are finished with the Gucci logo in gold. Enjoy elegant and refined style each day with these exquisite Gucci women's glasses.

Gucci GG0424O 003 56 Blue

Gucci GG0424O 003 56 Blue

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Gucci GG0424O 003 56 Blue glasses are a statement piece designed for men. The front rectangular frame features an amalgamation of black and grey pattern, while the arms in electric blue contrasts beautifully with the frame and accentuates the look of these glasses. The temples are finished with the Gucci logo. The glasses come presented in a luxurious, hard bodied velvet case for storage when not in use.

Gucci GG0406O 006 50 Havana

Gucci GG0406O 006 50 Havana

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These cat eye frames are a show stealer, the Gucci GG0406O 006 50 Havana glasses are a classical flair to your everyday look. Suitable for women, these acetate frames are light as air and will keep you comfortable throughout the day. The stunning Havana print is matched with red and green temple tips. The frames are finished with the Gucci name logo at the front of the frames. The glasses come presented in a luxurious, hard bodied velvet case for storage when not in use.

How can you tell if your Gucci glasses are real?

A lot of designer dupes are out there. Many sellers are earning a lot of money by selling counterfeit products such as designer bags, clothes, sunglasses, and glasses.

Firstly, whilst buying your pair of Gucci glasses, make sure you’re getting them from a reputed retailer, such as Feel Good Contacts. If you’re unsure about a retailer and their reputation, you can have a look at platforms such as Trustpilot to see whether a retailer can be trusted or not.

Make sure the logo on the model and on the case exactly matches the brand logo. Sellers of counterfeit products tend to slightly manipulate the logo. So, be very careful whilst making a purchase. Top tip - try to scratch the logo a little bit to see if the writing comes off (make sure not to damage your glasses).

Make sure your glasses say ‘Made in Italy’ - Gucci is manufactured by Kering eyewear. They manage the product development, manufacturing, distribution of Gucci eyewear and represent the pinnacle of Italian craftmanship.

Look out for the model number which is printed on the inside of the arm. A good idea would be to google your model number and see if the product you have received looks the same or not.

How to order Gucci glasses online

You can easily order your Gucci glasses online. Follow the steps below:

  • Head to our Gucci glasses page and select your favourite pair of glasses
  • Choose according to your face shape. It is essential to choose your frame shape carefully as not all the frame shapes are suitable for all face types. For instance, a person with a round face shape should not opt for round or oval frames. Such frames will only make the person’s face look fuller. Instead, the person should go for angular shaped frames such as rectangle or square to give a definition to their face structure. Still not sure? Have a look at our face shape guide.
  • You can filter according to frame shape, frame size, frame colour, price range and frame material
  • Proceed to checkout; you can choose your lenses, buy with Blue Light or just get the frames
  • Select the purpose of your glasses; select from distance, reading purposes, intermediate distance (arm’s length tasks) or non-prescription/fashion glasses
  • Now, either enter your prescription (make sure your prescription is up to date) or complete your order first and send us your prescription later via email or message
  • Choose what lenses you want to opt for – clear, blue light (digital protection), Transitions (self-tinting) or sun tints
  • Choose your packaging and coating and proceed to pay
  • Choose from a range of payment options; VISA, Mater Card, AMEX, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal (You can now pay in three instalments when you use PayPal)

There are benefits when you shop with us; as a gesture of thanks for your first purchase with us, we give 10% off your first order. Students can take advantage from up to 16% off their orders. You earn Reward Points when you place an order and many more advantages!

Now sit back, relax and wait for your glasses to arrive.

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