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Buy oval framed glasses for men and women from Feel Good Contacts at the most affordable prices. You can choose from designer brands such as Superdry, Tommy Hilfiger and Le Specs.

Oval framed glasses are a very popular choice of frame shape. They are characterised by a curved frame, with a wider shape than their height. Oval-shaped glasses can be dressed up or down, this stylish accessory looks good on pretty much everyone because of their overall round shape. You can own a pair of bold oversized glasses or get a pair of subtle looking prescription glasses, depending on your style preference.

Be it men’s, women’s or unisex, from the popular oval tortoise shell eyeglass frames to classic Ray-Ban oval eyeglasses, you can find every style here at Feel Good Contacts, you can even shop our very own Feel Good Collection for updated styles. The versatile frames will go with anything and are a suitable choice for every occasion.

What are the different styles of oval glasses?

Oval glasses are curved, with no edges or corners. The size and shape of the oval can vary, some glasses are fully rimmed whilst others have no perimeter.

Favourited by many celebrities, oval glasses will update your look whether you opt for a rimless oval frame or full rimmed bold overall framed glasses.

Whether you’re looking for sophisticated glasses or a classic minimalist style, you can count on Feel Good Contacts for the best and cheap oval glasses available online. We stock a wide range of oval prescription glasses that will have you spoilt for choice.

Below are some of our recommended oval framed glasses for you:

Superdry SDO Chie 102 Tortoise

If you’re after a pair that’s practical and stylish, you should definitely go for this Superdry model. These cool and laid back Superdry SDO glasses in tortoiseshell are a versatile choice for full rimmed glasses. The wood like print on the temples differentiates this model from other glasses.

Le Specs Wasteland Silver

Be sure of all-day comfort with Le Specs Wasteland Silver glasses. It’s metal full rimmed frame will give you a sophisticated look. These oval glasses are the perfect addition to your accessory drawer. Keep them safe with the complementary case.

Tommy Hilfiger TH1687 V81 Dark Ruthenium/Black

Complete your everyday look with these smart and sophisticated Men’s Tommy Hilfiger glasses, an excellent choice for your everyday look. The wear is made extremely comfortable with adjustable nose pads and soft temple tips.

We offer different lens coatings; you can customise your reading glasses according to your needs. Our lens coatings include scratch-resistant, anti-glare, a solid sun tint (which essentially makes them into prescription sunglasses), Transitions and blue light lenses. If you spend long hours in front of digital screen, opt for Blue light glasses; this coating reduces the levels of blue light being emitted to your eyes. You can opt for transition lenses, available in grey and brown, these lenses automatically change from clear to dark when put into contact with UV rays and block 100% UVA and UVB light.

Buy glasses from us without needing to show any prescription. Although we state ‘no prescription needed’ but this is because we trust you and believe that you are buying with the right prescription. If your prescription is expired, you must consult your optometrist and get your prescription updated.

Here are some questions answered for you:

  1. What glasses suit oval face?

    If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky. Oval face shapes can pull off almost every glasses style. The benefit of having an oval face shape is that it offers the perfect balance, so you can be as adventurous as you like. However, rectangular, or cat-eye frames works the best for oval face shapes.

  2. Are oval glasses good?

    Oval glasses are a suitable style of glasses for most face shapes. Pair them with any outfit to complement your complete look, from oval geek glasses to fashionable oval frames, whichever style you decide.

Le Specs Wasteland Gold

Le Specs Wasteland Gold glasses is the top choice of glasses for ladies under oval shape at Feel Good Contacts.

  1. Is oval face shape attractive?

    Oval face shape is considered a good face shape, in fact, it has been considered as one of the most ideal face shapes because of its proportionality and balanced appearance. Not just eyewear, but everyone wants this face shape to pull off any haircut, makeup and hairstyle.

  2. Can round faces wear oval glasses?

    It is recommended that people with round face shapes should avoid round, cat-eye, oval, or narrow frame styles as they make the face appear slightly wider. Instead, they should opt for angular shapes such as square and wayfarers. Thinner, lighter coloured frames add a soft and romantic touch to rounder faces.

FGC Evan C3 Light Havana

Feel Good Collection’s FGC Evan C3 Light Havana is one of the best glasses choice for round face shapes.

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