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Ray-Ban was born from a brief put forward by the US Air Force. Pilots were complaining of headaches and altitude sickness caused by harmful sun glare. What was initially intended as a safety device, eventually morphed into a fashion item. As a result, Ray-Ban created the best-selling sunglasses style of all time – the RB3025 Aviator, introduced to the public in 1936.

Going on to create the RB2132 Wayfarer in 1952 and the RB3016 Clubmaster in the 1980s, Ray-Ban has arguably made its mark on the world of sunglasses more than any other brand. The sunglasses from this brand were some of the most covetable when they first came out, and not much has changed today. The designs have evolved over the years thanks to advanced technology and innovations, while new frames are expected to achieve the same recognition.

Are Ray-Bans worth the money?

Ray-Ban is recognised all over the world, the name is synonymous with excellent quality, unrivalled style, and ‘the cool-factor.’ It’s not surprising that celebrities and many characters within film and TV wear Ray-Ban sunglasses. From how smoothly the hinges open to the classic and stylish designs, everything about this brand evokes luxury and attention to detail.

Although at a higher price point than some other designer sunglasses, Ray-Ban is excellent value for the level of quality each product guarantees. These accessories can be regarded as investments. Due to the durable nature of these frames, you are unlikely to need to replace them soon after making the purchase.

The fashionable designs and innovative technology of the lenses is also a factor in the cost. For example, polarised lenses which cut out glare from sun are also available.

Why does everyone love Ray-Ban?

Ray-Ban is continually celebrated for providing excellent quality eyewear in classic styles. From Hollywood stars and athletes to royalty and fashion enthusiasts, it seems like everyone is a fan of this brand, and with good reason. Immortalised in eyewear history, the globally renowned designer brand has gone from strength to strength with an identity that’s remained at the top of the fashion world for decades.

The frames are manufactured to the highest standards, using high-quality, durable materials. The styles and designs are timeless enough to have mass appeal whilst also having that luxurious edge. Thought has gone into every single detail of these frames, to ensure the sunglasses protect your eyes and are easy/comfortable to wear, but also to ensure they look incredibly stylish at the same time.

Are my Ray-Bans real?

As with all designer brands, there is a worry that you may not be buying an authentic product. All popular designer products tend to be followed by counterfeit versions which mimic them. You should only ever buy Ray-Ban eyewear from reputable sellers. Feel Good Contacts is an official licenced seller of Ray-Ban, therefore you can be sure you are buying authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses from us. There are some ways you can tell if a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses are real or not, check out our blog on how to spot fake Ray-Bans to find out more.

Ray-Ban sunglasses for men

There are many styles of sunglasses from the range that are suitable for men. Luckily a lot of the frames are marketed as unisex, which means they can be worn by absolutely everyone. The Wayfarer, Clubmaster and Aviator sunglasses are especially flattering choices of sunglasses and glass frames for men. Ray-Ban sunglasses are also available in a variety of colours, including classic black, silver, gold, tortoise, and more.

Ray-Ban sunglasses for women

In addition to the original Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster styles, there are also some frame options that women may be more interested in, such as hexagonal, round and square varieties. Ray-Ban is a brand that excels at unisex style, so there really is a design to suit everyone. Even the cat eye sunglasses from this brand aren’t overtly feminine, each frame is stylish, functional, and versatile enough to work on a wide variety of individuals.

What styles do Ray-Ban do?

Ray-Ban is known for creating styles that appeal to most, offering a range of classic colours and shapes. Read on to discover the many different styles this brand produces.

The Wayfarer

Known for its classic and timeless styles, this brand produces a quality standard that elevates its sunglasses above the rest. These sunglasses will quickly become your daily essential. Ray-Ban is arguably most famous for the Wayfarer style of sunglasses, a square, black frame that has the power to complete any outfit. It’s also versatile enough to work for most people, which is why it’s such a popular style.

The Aviator

Aviators are another firm favourite, made famous by the Top Gun film where Tom Cruise wears the iconic frames. Since these early classics, the brand has ventured into new shapes, creating the Jack Arista and hexagonal styles. Although these are more modern styles, they have enough timeless appeal to ensure that they will soon become classics over time.

What are the new styles by Ray-Ban?

The latest collection by Ray-Ban features metal and plastic frames with a sleek design for impeccable, everlasting style. Bringing back vintage frames from the 90's vault and updating the 70s oversized style for an elegant look. New styles have also been added to the Ray-Ban Wayfarer family, revamping the iconic look with a sleek acetate design. As well as these silhouettes, they also have round, square, oval and clubmaster styles.

Where should I buy Ray-Ban sunglasses from?

Buying Ray-Ban sunglasses in the IE is almost always cheaper online. You also have the convenience of having your designer sunglasses delivered to your door, which means less hassle for you. Feel Good Contacts has some of the lowest prices around, as if that wasn’t enough, you can also enjoy 10% off as a new customer.

You can find incredible designer brands as well as more affordable options, such as our own Feel Good Collection glasses and sunglasses. Buy prescription glasses in the IE as well as designer sunglasses for the lowest prices. Plus, Reward points can be earned on every order too, allowing you to get even more money off future orders by using your points.

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