Multi Purpose Contact Lens Solution

What is multi-purpose solution?

The ultimate in convenience, multi-purpose solutions can clean, disinfect, rinse and store your lenses overnight, giving you an all-in-one cleaning option. There are two other types of solutions: hydrogen peroxide and saline. Hydrogen peroxide solutions are only suitable for cleaning and disinfecting your lenses. Saline solutions on the other hand, are only suitable for rinsing and storing and will not sufficiently disinfect or clean your lenses. Multi-purpose solutions, however, contain both cleaning and storing agents.

What are the benefits of multi-purpose solution?

Multi-purpose solutions are both convenient and cost-effective. Using an all-in-one solution means only having to purchase one product instead of two separate solutions. It also means an easier cleaning routine if you wear monthly or two weekly lenses that need to be disinfected and stored every day.

Which multi-purpose solution is best for me?

There’s no saying which solution will be best for each individual person. Similarly with contact lenses, it’s usually a case of trying various brands until you find one that’s perfectly suited for you.

Perhaps you’d prefer to buy in bulk, in which case Complete RevitaLens Solution Triple Pack offers great value for money. If you prefer to buy a single bottle, our best-selling comfi All-in-One Solution doesn’t compromise on quality for its unbeatable price. Or, if you’re going away on holiday, Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution Flight Pack is perfect for travellers and will fit comfortably in your hand luggage.
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