Clinitas Hydrate Eye Gel

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Clinitas Hydrate Eye Gel Product Description

Keep your eyes moisturised and feeling fresh by applying Clinitas Hydrate Eye Gel. Ideal for morning or night-time use, this exceptional gel offers a moisture six times its own volume to lubricate your eyes.

Clinitas Hydrate Eye Gel eye relief

By introducing lubricant to the surface of your eye, Clinitas Hydrate Eye Gel by Altacor relieves your eyes from the uncomfortable effects of dry eye. Dry, sore and tired eyes can be caused by environmental factors such as strong wing or dry atmosphere, and even from wearing contact lenses. The eye gel works to enhance the layer of your tear film, providing longer-lasting moisture throughout the day.

How to use Clinitas Hydrate Eye Gel

Suitable for contact lens wearers, Clinitas Hydrate Eye Gel should be applied approximately 30 minutes before inserting your contact lenses. You’ll then enjoy a comfortable contact lens wearing experience without your eyes drying out as the day goes on.

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Product Details & Advice
  • 0.2% Carbomer
  • Non-toxic solution that contains a mild preservative
  • Works to combat dry eye symptoms
  • Leaves your eyes feeling less fatigued and fresher after waking 
  • Easy-to-use liquid eye drop solution
  • Recommended to apply drops 25 minutes before putting in contact lenses
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