Optician Own Branded Contact Lenses


affiliate-programme Are you still buying contact lenses from Boots, Specsavers and Vision Express? You could be saving money by buying contact lenses online with Feel Good Contacts, and you don’t even have to change the type of lenses you usually get. Not many people know that high street opticians, such as Specsavers and Boots, simply repackage contact lenses with their own branding and sell them on as their own product. This means you can find exactly the same lenses that you’d get from your high street optician, right here online.

Find Your High Street Optician Lenses With Us

To find the equivalent contact lenses on our site, simply check the tables below for the name of your high street optician’s contact lens product. You’ll then find a link to the same contact lenses that are sold on our site but under a different brand. You may discover that your lenses will be cheaper with us and ordering online will save you the hassle of visiting your optician to pick your lenses up. Not to mention our convenient Auto Replenish scheme that will automate your orders and deliver your chosen contact lenses to you on a regular basis.