Nike Sunglasses

Nike’s ethos rests in its ability to serve the world’s top athletes and inspire the everyday person to get active, all whilst doing it in style. Exceeding expectations, breaking records and innovating sportswear is part of the Nike ethos. Nike is one of only a hand full of modern-day brands that has fully infused itself into the everyday lexicon of much of the world population. 

Founded in 1964, Nike was born from the idea that sportswear could be improved to help athletes reach the top of their game, although the iconic ‘swoosh’ logo wasn’t introduced until 1971.

Nike sunglasses are lightweight, aerodynamic and created for high-performance, highly active wearers. Within its innovative designs, comfort and optical excellence is celebrated whether Nike sunglasses are used in sports or everyday. Nike sunglasses feature Max Optics for unparalleled clarity, ventilation and responsive comfort. Nike sunglasses can be offered for running, training, golf, baseball and skateboarding. Flexon memory metal, titanium and premium acetate are just some of the innovative material used to craft Nike sunglasses. Be at the top of your game and wear what only the best in the world rock when they’re on their best game.