Novak Djokovic x Lacoste

Novak Djokovic x Lacoste Sunglasses

The Novak Djokovic x Lacoste sunglasses collection features sleek and sophisticated designs with thin profiles and a premium finish. Inspired by the tennis champion, you’ll find a wide range of sporty styles which combine superior quality with contemporary fashion for a dynamic look.

The frames are reflective of Novak Djokovic’s charismatic nature, and his initials are imprinted on the temple tips, adding a unique flair to the sunglasses collection. Look effortlessly stylish and adopt an air of French elegance when you wear a pair of sunglasses from the Novak Djokovic x Lacoste collection.

Not only are the sunglasses in this collection super stylish, but you'll also find that they are crafted from refined materials for lightweight and functional models that can be worn again and again. These sunglasses are not only revolutionary but also mirror the brand's sporty heritage expressed by the legendary Novak Djokovic.