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For a fun and stylish update to your look, heart shaped sunglasses show your personality whilst protecting you from the sun. Most associated with the feminine aesthetic, love heart sunglasses are the unlikely addition to your outfit to set you apart from the crowd.

When did heart shaped sunglasses become popular?

The 1980’s was a time for big and attention-grabbing accessories, which is why it makes sense that love heart sunglasses started to become trendy during this time. This look can work with a variety of outfits, from all neutral ensembles to more playful and colourful styles.

Are heart shaped sunglasses in style?

Heart sunglasses are very similar to the cat eye silhouette. Both styles of sunglasses are a fashionable choice to elevate your look.

Are love heart sunglasses flattering?

As heart sunglasses, just like the cat eye style, are flattering on most face shapes. Heart shaped faces particularly suit heart shaped sunglasses to add structure and dimension to the face, balancing out the features. This style can be worn by anyone for a retro and timeless style update. Visit our Eye Care Hub for more information on which sunglasses suit your face shape.

What type of heart shaped sunglasses do you stock?

Our Chloe heart shaped sunglasses are a unique twist on the classic shape, with a sideways heart shaped frame. Available in neutral toned Havana and a contemporary grey, this accessory will boost any clothing you pair it with.

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